Thursday, March 01, 2012


After all that winter weather we had-ha-it was nice to get outside and enjoy some sunshine!  The girls LOVE being outdoors, Nora especially.  She loves to get dirty, find worms, capture ants…not quite the “girly girl” she is in the winter.

We carpool with Matthew on M/W/F and get to his school to pick him up about 20 minutes before he gets out.  The girls love to play outside while we are waiting for him.  Sometimes it’s too windy or cold to get Rives out but a few weeks ago, the weather was perfect and they all three got to play.  I had to watch Rives like a hawk because he decided he wanted to incorporate rocks, leaves and grass into his diet.


Later on that afternoon Matthew played with the girls, at home, on the trampoline…the static was heavy-ha!


This past weekend, I had gone to Fayetteville to visit a friend that had just had twins.  While I was gone, Nora decided she was ready to ride her bike without training wheels!  She had tried before, back in the summer, but got frustrated and decided it was impossible.  Matthew said this time, he helped her once and she had it down.  She is so excited to ride her bike and begs to do it every day when we get home…and of course, she gets too!


The vide is from Sunday and she has gotten so much better since I took this…isn’t amazing how quickly kids pick up on things!

We are looking forward to the spring and being outside all the time…I suppose Rives will have a fiber rich diet of dirt, grass and leaves.

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