Sunday, April 28, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

Ooh boy, is this kid busy!  I am constantly amazed at his speed and determination.

Thank goodness he is a super duper sleeper and naps most afternoons for 2-3 hours...that help me recoup (on the days that I get to be home with him) (and I wish that were everyday!).

He is a few weeks away from turning two and I cannot believe how fast this time has gone.  He is talking so well and is very adamant about what he wants and does not want.  And he is busy.  Have I mentioned that?

He has ZERO interest in watching television.  I honestly don't know if he has slowed down enough to watch more than 5 minutes of a show.  Nora was a television lover early on in her life (and still will watch ANYTHING), Elyn would watch television, but not with the same intentness that Nora did.  She would watch for about 15 minutes and then tire and be ready to come be next to me.  Rives is my child with the LEAST interest in television.  (Although, he does think remotes are terrific and loves to turn the t.v. on and off).

His favorite thing is to "see" whatever I am doing in the kitchen.  He will go into the 1/2 bathroom, off of the kitchen, and get the stool in there and drag it right beside me to watch.  I have to watch him like a hawk though because he is fast as lightening and can grab a knife or pot on the stove, basically from across the room.  I still don't know how he can be so fast.

He has gotten into the games many, many times and just last week, I found him throwing pieces of Hi Ho Cherry-O down the floor vents.  Sigh.

He squeezed almost an entire tube of toothpaste in the sink right after I found him reaching for Matthew's razor.

He ruined a chair of Nora's by drawing all over it with a dry erase marker (this happened on Matthew's watch-not that I'm pointing fingers-ha!).

He LOVES to throw a ball...any ball!  We found him throwing golf balls the other day (where in the world did he get the golf balls?) but thankfully got them away before we had to replace any windows.

He LOVES to run.  He is always saying, "watch, watch" and then running at full speed across the house.

He wants to do everything HIMSELF.  He will say, "Mine!  Ribes do it!".  Cute when he says that but frustrating to wait FOREVER for him to do the task.  He insists on getting into his carseat himself and insists on getting out all by himself too (saying, "watch, watch", the whole time).

He gets so annoyed at Nora and Elyn for taking something from him or when they treat him like a baby.  He will look at them and scream "No!" and then come to me and either say, "Dora!" or "Ewen".  Haha!

He adores his daddy!  Loves him SO much!  He wants to be right beside Matthew as soon as Matthew gets home from work.  It's so super sweet!

He has fallen down and bumped his head more times than I can count.  He usually comes up to me and says, "Kiss." and then when he receives the kiss on his head is fine and run away, usually for it to happen again.

He is so funny!  He makes me laugh with his little facial expressions or his JOY for just about everything.  He loves to wake up in the mornings and play with his animals in his bed.  I went in the other day to get him up and when I walked in he said, "Hi Mommy!  Watch!"  and he took his little stuffed horse and galloped it down the length of his bed.  And then laughed.

I do not want him to grow up.  At all!  Although, I love watching him grow up and learning everything new!

He is a precious precious boy!  I am so happy to be his mama, even though I am worn out each evening and know the next day will be a repeat of exhaustion.  We are blessed with our boy!

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