Thursday, April 04, 2013

Easter 2013

Life is busy and Easter felt like a last minute affair.  I was disappointed that I wasn't able to do all the amazing things that Pinterest has to offer...actually zero.  Ah well.

Elyn and Nora were supposed to have their first soccer game the Saturday before Easter, but it rained buckets and the games were canceled.  Which was super sad for Elyn because it was her VERY FIRST SOCCER GAME EVER.  She was dressed about 2 hours before the game.

It actually worked out because we were able to decorate eggs and have approximately 200 Easter egg hunts in the house.  Gram had come up for the girls games so she was able to join in on all the fun!

After lunch and a quick nap for Rives, we went to a local Easter egg hunt and kids fest.  It was muddy and wet, but sunny and perfect temps.  There were about 1 million kids and it was a bit nuts, but everyone seemed to have a good time.

When we first got there, we got to see the Easter Bunny.  Rives was NOT wanting his picture with EB, so Nora had to hold him.  He gave the bunny the stink eye the whole time-ha!

Before the hunt, they had some activities for the kids.  The only ones we had time for were the cooking making station...

And the Nail painting station

 Then it was time for the hunt!  They had three separate age groups and my kids fit into all three!  Thank goodness Gram was there to help us out!  Matthew went with Rives...

I went with Elyn...

 And Gram went with Nora...

After the hunt.
Matthew had to work on a big project that was due the next week, so he went to a quiet place (ha!) and Gram had to head home to Grandpa.  The four of us went home.  While the girls played in the playroom, Rives and I made some carrot cupcakes for a lunch we were having at our house the next day.

Such a big helper!  He sat there the entire time saying, "See, see!"  He wanted to know exactly what was going on.

Before we went to bed that night, Nora wrote a letter to the Easter bunny:
Oh boy.  Sweet girl, sweet note, not gonna get the chicks-ha!

Easter mornings are always a little nuts but we still managed a few pictures:

Nothing like a breakfast of Jelly Beans!
Helping Rives with his basket.
 My little bunnies...

 Walking into church...

Rives was helping stack chairs after church...what a great helper!  But, he has a good example in his daddy!
 Sweet friends!
 We had the Graham's over for lunch and this is the only picture I got.  Shame on me!  But for lunch, we had ham, green beans, brussel sprouts, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, rolls, strawberry pretzel salad and carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing.  A FEAST!
 Rives LOVES those little bunnies that you push their tail and they hop.  Here is, with his new favorite toy?
 Easter afternoon was beautiful, so we went outside for a little while to enjoy the weather.  Matthew was in charge of the bubbles and the kids were in charge of running around and popping them.

 Rives wanted to ride Elyn's back SO BAD!
 I posted this on Facebook, but I love it!  Matthew and Nora were having a race and I was videoing.  Here is a screenshot of the video at the end of the race.  I love the look of joy on both of their faces!
It was a good weekend and I loved the time we all had together!  It is so nice as they get older, we are able to focus more on fun!

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