Thursday, April 18, 2013


Our friends, the Smith's, invited Elyn to go hiking with them at the beginning of this week.  Elyn was so excited!  She woke up extra early and the first words out of her mouth were, "Is today the day I get to go hiking with Audrey?"

Ryan and Audrey picked up Elyn from school and took off for their hike.

When I picked up Elyn from Audrey's house that afternoon, Ryan said they had hiked 5 miles!  I was impressed.  Elyn did fall and scrape her knees (which resulted in MUCH drama later on that night while getting a bath) but the thing she was most talkative about was the snake they saw on the trail.  Yikes!

Elyn had a great time and it was nice for her to get to do something that was just hers, not something that she shared with Nora.

These are some of the pictures Ryan took while they were hiking:

Audrey and Elyn

Investigating Elyn's injuries

At the TOP!

Elyn loved the waterfall!

lunch time!

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