Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nora's first soccer game for the spring

It felt like it took forever for Nora's first soccer game to get here.  Her first game was rained out, then she had a bye week, and then the entire league had a week off.

Matthew had to work at Harding on the day of her first game.  That was sad.  For two reasons.  One, he missed the game.  Two, I had to get Nora to her game and Elyn to her game, on the opposite side of the of where Nora was playing.  But, we made it work...all while lugging my 25 pound dead weight on my hip.

Nora always amazes me with her ability to play soccer!  It is like she is a new kid when she is on the field.  I, in my head, always say she is pretty good.  I watch her run and go after the ball and think "man, where did she learn to do that?  It looks so natural!".  I always wonder if she actually IS good or it is just the mom in me.   Then I hear other parents tell me that Nora is so good, so aggressive, has so much control of the ball and I think-well, I guess I was right-ha!

And honestly, whether she is any good or not, she LOVES the game and, in the 2.5 years she has played, ever complained about going to practice or to a game.  She actually complains when she DOESN'T get to go.

Okay, enough talk and on to the pictures (that are unedited BTW, I can edit or blog, not both):

Both girls are on the red team this year and they are both #3.  Sweet sisters!

 And it was SO COLD at both girls soccer games on Saturday!  Rives was a trooper for them both.  Here he is, snuggling up to Nora for Elyn's game.

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