Friday, April 05, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Our Spring Break this year was not the most exciting...well, compared to the previous two Spring Breaks when we went to DISNEY WORLD.  Those were fun times.  However, we did spend considerably less money on this spring break-ha!

Matthew is working on finishing up his administrative internship and was needing some hours to complete the task.  He went to Searcy to get about 30 hours at Harding Academy.  I missed him!

The kids went to Gram and Grandpa's house and I know had a great time BUT I missed them a lot too!

I had to work so I had to stay in Rogers.  Blah.  I also got sick.  Double blah.  BUT I did get my craft/sewing/utility room cleaned out!  Four trash bags and a huge pile for garage sale.  Quite accomplished.

Once we were all reunited, we went to Tulsa to the Tulsa Workshop to hear Francis Chan.  He was pretty good and the so were the other speakers.

We stayed with my friend, Julie.  I love her and that we have been friends since 7th grade and we pick right back up.

Here are some pictures, more than likely out of order.  Deal.

Gram got Nora a new hat while they were there...she has begged to wear it every day since :).

One of the treasures I found while I was cleaning out.

The last Saturday of Spring Break our church hosted a 5K fundraiser.  It was freezing.  FUH REE ZEE ING!  We were in charge of the water station.  We did not stay for the egg hunt.  We are no fun.

So, there you have it.  Our spring break.  Ehh. I'm not crazy about being away from my people.  The no laundry was awesome.  But that's about the only awesome thing.  Maybe next spring break will be more memorable.  But spring break means only one is almost out!

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