Monday, May 13, 2013

May Break

One of the best things about Nora's school is that it follows the "year round" calendar.  She has periodic breaks throughout the school year.  Sure, she starts a few weeks earlier than the traditional calendar and finishes a few weeks later, but the breaks in the middle make it AMAZING!

We didn't have any big plans for her May break, so she got to spend a few days at Matthew's mom's house and hang out with us the rest of the days.

On one day (that I was also off of work), we began our day with some hot chocolate at the press room and a trip to the park.  It was fun to have all three together!

 As you can see from the pictures, the weather was beautiful...this will change in the next few days.
 Our little town is precious and in the middle of downtown, they had a painting class going on.  All older ladies, painting the beauty of the day.

 We stopped for lunch before heading home.

 Both girls assured me they were not tired and didn't need a nap-ha!

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