Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Tea

 Every year, at Nora's school, the first graders put on a Mother's Day Tea, right before their "May Break".  Nora was so excited about the tea and reminded me, frequently, about it.  She told me once, "Elyn and Rives can't come...JUST YOU!".  I made sure her younger siblings had a place to be so I could enjoy my one on one time with her.

Her teacher is great and goes out of her way to make sure that everything is "perfect" for each event.  I must say that I felt very honored and special at the "tea".

Since there was no room to put 25 extra chairs around the classroom, we all had our kiddos sit in our laps for the tea.  Nora would not quit touching my face and hair and hugging me.  My love language is NOT touch so this was a true gift from me for my affectionate child.  Ha!

I was happy to be with just first born.

 Each child had drawn a portrait of their mom and we, the moms, had to find them, without any help-yikes!  I asked Nora if I was going to get a hint and she said, "No.  It looks just like you!"  Luckily, a few moms had gone before me, so I was able to use my detective skills to pick out mine.
 See the resemblance ;).
This was our present, a flowerpot with our little flower, who has grown up so much...sniff!

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