Sunday, January 19, 2014

A new phone

I have told Matthew several times that I just need to get rid of my phone and replace it with a flip phone.  I spend way too much time on my phone and feel like I am addicted to it at times.  The only problem is that I take 95% of my pictures with my phone.  It is so easy to grab my phone and capture moments.  Since that conversation with Matthew, I have deleted some of the apps off my phone that consumed most of my time.  I think it is a bit more under control.  My contract is up in May and I can re-evaluate then.  Until that time, here are some pictures I took with said phone.

Ice cream this summer

Last day of first grade...and last day at Elm Tree Elementary

Soccer camp, June 2013

Helping earn their keep

a family reunion, of sorts, with my dad and brother and cousins

An actual family reunion, with Matthew's family, at a camp ground in Okalahom

Nora's first fish!


Nora had some money burning a hole in her pocket...she needed to spend it!  She spent, probably, 30 minutes walking up and down the aisles at Target picking out the perfect thing.

Both girls meet their teachers, at their new schools.  Elyn and Mrs. Bentel, kindergarten

Nora and Mrs. Buerkle, 2nd grade

Rives will never be potty trained, ever.  But we still try.

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