Monday, February 23, 2015

Nora is Nine

I began this blog nine years ago.  The reason I started it was because of this girl:

This 7 pound 10 ounce baby is NINE YEARS OLD today.  I seriously just blinked.

Over the years I have neglected my blog (for instance, the last time I blogged was over a year ago.  sheesh).  I have let Facebook and Instagram and life (3 kids, full-time job, husband) get in the way and this blog has suffered.  And I am sad about that.  Matthew tells me all the time that I should start blogging again.  He is correct, of course.  I just need to figure out where to fit it all in.

But, back to the REASON I started the blog.  Nora Elizabeth Henderson.

When she was 4 months old I decided that, for the benefit of family who lived far away (ALL of our family) I would write about our life.  At the time I didn't realize how much I would, nine years later, treasure these writings.

I cannot believe that she has survived to see 9 years old.

Matthew and I were talking last night about when we had her.  We were SO DUMB.  I wish I had a time machine to go back and watch us have this baby.  The delivery wasn't super smooth (emergency c-section) and I barely remember the first few hours of her life.  But we were over the moon thrilled with this person we had made.  If I had that time machine I would tell Dallas and Matthew of 2006, "You guys have no clue what you are about to get yourselves into.  Having a baby isn't just about cute clothes and extra attention.  It is FOREVER.  And you guys are stupid."

But Dallas and Matthew of 2006 wouldn't have listened.  Because they were dumb and thought they knew what to do and what they had gotten themselves into.

But let me tell you, Dallas and Matthew of 2015 are ready to raise their hands and shout AMEN!  You are correct, time machine woman, we DO NOT have a clue!

We pretend that we can parent.  If you see us out and about, just know, we are fake parenting.  Yes, it's a thing.  Fake parenting.  And we are GREAT at fake parenting!!!!!

People tell us all the time that we are super parents, that we have really nailed parenting, that our kids are turning out fantastic....ALL the accolades and compliments get thrown our way.

Listen up world...we are FAKING IT, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

We are clueless.  Complete idiots.  Thankfully, God has put people in our lives who are incredible parents (possibly good fakers too...we'll never know).  We have studied them and tried to mimic their moves and listened to every single word these parents have said to their children....and we have copied it all!

I also have a lot of friends who admit they are faking it too.  They TELL ME they are faking and we sit around and share what we have seen actual good parents do and take notes.  And then talk about what did and did not work.

I say all of this because, despite Matthew and I not having a CLUE, Nora has become a WONDERFUL 9 year old.  Only GOD could make this happen.  DESPITE our parenting and short comings, God has allowed a precious girl to grow.

It is a true miracle!

Nora is NINE.  She is a great sister.  Most of the time...I mean, come on, having two siblings who are younger probably gets annoying.  She does love Elyn and Rives.  But, sometimes a girl just needs her own space and some quiet.  But, the majority of the time, she is pretty great to them.

I know it's not easy to be the oldest.  I KNOW!  I know Matthew and I are setting her up for some serious baggage to take to counseling one day because, as mentioned above, we are FAKING IT.  Especially with her.  I want to look at her every day and say, "Listen kiddo.  We have no clue what we are doing.  Unfortunately, you are the guinea pig.  You are the first one.  We will mess up."  But, I don't.  She will figure it out soon enough.  Until that day, she continues to think we are awesome.

She is a great student.  She loves to go to school.  She loves her teachers and learning.  Reading and writing and math and science and computers.  She gets her work done without us, most of the time, having to remind her.  She gets out of bed each morning WHEN HER ALARM GOES OFF.  She gets herself ready without us having to say anything.  She loves a calendar and likes to know what is coming next.  She reminds us when a family member is having a birthday.  She is responsible and dependable.  Everyone needs a Nora in their house.  Maybe in your house, it is one of the PARENTS.  In ours, it is our oldest child.

And this is a testimony to how awesome God is and how He works.  Because it is ALL HIM!

She is an old soul.  She is innocent.  She is still little.  She still plays with her American Girl Dolls.  She loves Little House on the Prairie.  She watches shows on tv that Rives likes.  She is growing up slowly...and I am VERY thankful for that!

She loves soccer and sewing.  She does not love piano but takes lessons and tolerates practicing.  She loves swimming and wants a horse.  She cannot wait to go back to camp this summer.  She makes a friend and loves them forever.

She is emotional and sensitive.  She still functions best when she has gotten between 10-11 hours of sleep each night...I completely understand this.  And three evenly spaced out meals are also important.

She changed my name to Mom and I am still surprised by that.  And so thankful!

I cannot believe how fast 9 years have gone (but honestly, some DAYS seemed like they took 9 years).  I can't imagine how fast the next 9 will go.  And then, she will be an adult.

We still have a lot of fake parenting to do before she turns 18.  Our prayer is that God intervenes often and that He places people in her life who can lead her to Him.  We know this precious 9 year old is not ours.  She belongs to Him.  She is His.

We are thankful for what she has taught us and how she loves big.

We love you so much Nora Elizabeth Henderson!!!!!


Melody said...

Wow, can't believe she is nine! Love reading your blog. It always makes me think of our Mommy and Me days. Hate that I've let my own blog lapse.

benilhalk said...

Congratulations Nora. She is so cute. I am happy to know that she is dependable and responsible too. Now I also would like to have a Nora like her. I have son who is only 3 years old and he is charming too. We celebrated his 3rd birthday last week only at party venues. I am also a proud mom of having such a sweet son.

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