Thursday, June 27, 2013

Busy weekend, soccer, dance, birthday!

 May 11 was a busy day for us!  The girls both had a soccer game that morning.  Thankfully, it turned out to be a beautiful morning, despite the huge rains that happened a few nights before.  The field made for some muddy socks and shoes!
After going home, giving everyone a bath/shower, eating lunch and giving Rives a super quick nap, we headed to Elyn's recital.  She was a part of "Jitterbugs", a dance and movement activity at her preschool.  It is the cutest thing ever!  She loved it and we loved watching her dance

 After Jitterbugs was over, we rushed back home to get ready for the biggest event that day, Rives 2nd birthday party!  Unfortunately, in true Dallas style, I was horrible about taking pictures.  But we had fun and are thankful for all the friends and family that came over to celebrate our sweet boy!

Rives is really into all things "boy", which is a little surprising considering he is surrounded by all things "girl".  God is amazing at how he works the gender thing!  Rives loves tools, cars, trucks, and balls.  And throwing balls.  And running.  And jumping. And dirt.  I love him!

To make my life easy, which is necessary these days (and even when I make it easy, let me assure you, I am two steps away from losing it all.  Sigh.) we did a "ball" birthday party.  Boy parties are way easier than girl parties.  Or maybe it is "3rd kid parties are way easier than 1st and 2nd kid parties".  Probably that is it.

My first "boy" cake.  I'm pretty sure you saw this on "Cake Boss" a few years ago :).
 Coordinated "ball themed plates".  See, I went all out.
 Awesome pictures of the guests.  And my crazy face.
 Ball themed balloon.  Stop it with all the awesome party decorating!
 Also, when you are the third kid and have two big sisters, they will open all the presents for you and read your cards to you.  And hopefully take over the raising of you when your parents are too tired to do a proper job.  Kidding.  Not kidding.
 Telling all his friends, "thank you".  I love him.
The family picture.  My sweet family.

sick Rives

 Right before Rives turned two, he got really sick and it was really sad!  He was running around a 104 degree fever, with tylenol and motrin.  Poor boy!  It just struck him from out of no where!  Matthew and I took turns staying with him at home.  The day that Matthew stayed with him was the day he was the most sick.  Matthew took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with croup.  Matthew showed me a video he had taken of Rives breathing and it broke my heart!  Saddest sound ever!  Matthew had taken the video to send to his sister to find out if we should take Rives, yes was her immediate answer!
sick baby boy!
 Thankfully he perked up pretty quick and was back to himself.  He even mustered up the energy to help me make the cake for his birthday party.

 Happy boy, once again!

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