Sunday, October 31, 2010


pretty fun, huh!  we are between 10.5 and 11.5 weeks along.

we found out that we were expecting baby #3 on September 17.  (yeah, we know how to keep a secret.)

and although we had been trying for baby #3 for 20 months, we were still shocked.

(i know, crazy, right.)

and while 20 months is a drop in the bucket for some couples, for us, it seemed like an eternity.  we never did try to medically intervene (not that it never crossed our minds) knowing that God already knew what our future looked like.  had we not already had 2 girls i don’t know that we would have been as patient…actually, I KNOW we would not have been as patient and we would have turned to modern medicine for help.

if you’ve been keeping up with our blog at all then you know we moved and have been in the middle of a huge renovation.  well, right around the time that this precious bundle was conceived we were at the very tip top of our stress and exhaustion.  i really did not think that it was possible at all seeing as how most nights we collapsed into bed, asleep before our head even hit the pillows.  ahem.

isn’t God funny.  we moved out of our old house on September 5, spent two weeks wandering around in a fog of cardboard boxes, and then, on a whim, bought a pregnancy test one Friday night and, the rest is history…or the beginning.

in all honesty, i had given up the hope of increasing our brood any and had finally started feeling okay with that.  we have two healthy girls and they are at the age where things are easier and predictable (well, 75% of the time).  i figured God had completed our family.


matthew and i haven’t really talked much about it and i think the main reason for that is because we haven’t shared the news until very recently.  i think now that the news is out, we will allow ourselves for the excitement to start settling in.

we told the girls friday night and they were precious!  nora was pretty excited but very low-key about it.  elyn told me, immediately, “i will hold the baby because i’m big now.”  so sweet.  then she jumped up to show me how big she was.

i asked the girls where the baby would sleep (knowing already where it would sleep each night).  nora thought for a second and then said, “in the middle, i guess.”  in the middle of her and elyn!  how precious!  i told them that the baby would probably have it’s own room and elyn did not like that at all.  she told me that the baby could sleep in her bed!

they have already told us that they will help feed and change diapers…we’ll see.

saturday, nora came up to me every few minutes and told me how happy she was that i had a baby in my tummy!  and they have come up with all sorts of names too.

all girl names.

they don’t even want to hear that there is a 50% possibility it could be a boy…they want a little SISTER!

but, in the meantime…

i have been EXHAUSTED and NAUSEOUS from the time I wake up until the time I get to go to bed.  and while both are good feelings and let me know that our baby is growing, i am really ready for the second trimester to miraculously take both away.

i have had several cravings and several repulsions with this baby.  i cannot get enough of salty/vinegeary food.  i have eaten an entire jar of pickles already and am working on another one.  the thought of food in the mornings turns my stomach and i really don’t have much of an appetite until 3 o’clock.  however, i still figure out a way to eat all day long because it does make my stomach feel a little better.

other things that have sounded tolerable to me have been Sonic mozzerella sticks, McDonalds breakfast burritos, turkey sandwiches, baked potatoes.

the one thing that makes me unbelievably nauseous is, sadly, diet coke.  my love.  ugh, even right now, just thinking about it turns my stomach.  and while that is a good thing for my sweet growing baby, it is a change of lifestyle for my tastebuds-ha!  i haven’t totally given up the liquid of the gods though, i have found that late at nights the past few days i actually want a few sips.

and i’m not all that crazy about sweets.  which is insane!  i would rather eat an entire bag of salt and vinegar chips that have anything sweet.

i have also discovered that the smell of drywall nearly does me in.  yep, drywall.  thanks to the renovation of our house, i discovered that.  i bet not many other people can say that drywall is a trigger for pregnancy symptoms.

and tired.  OH MY GOODNESS.  tired doesn’t even begin to describe it.  i can barely make it through a day if i don’t rest for a few minutes.  and since my schedule does not allow for much resting during the day, by 7pm, i am pretty much done.  stick a fork in me, i am done!

a few weeks ago, one saturday, i got a 2 hour nap and then was in bed by 8:30.  and i felt zero guilt about it.

i tell matthew all the time that i think i am having such symptoms because i am so much older now (a real grandma at 33).  i really don’t remember feeling so sick or tired when i was pregnant with the girls.  i remember being sick to my stomach some when i was pregnant with elyn, but never 24 hours a day like i am with this pregnancy.

i will definitely be keeping you all up to date on this final pregnancy of mine.  however, i will not be posting weekly bare-bellied shots and letting you all know of my weight gain.  i know, i’m no fun at all, am i?  i will just tell you that my final weight gain will be around 40 pounds.  shocking!  yes, it is.  that is how much i gained with nora and elyn and i treated those pregnancies completely different!  i think i just gain 40 pounds.  (it’s fun to lose).

i will tell you that i am starting this pregnancy at the heaviest i have been in a while.  remember when i told you all that i had gained “stress weight” this summer due to our move/renovation?  well, thankfully, i never lost it.  so i’m going into this 4.5 pounds heavier than i would have at the beginning of the summer.  awesome.

but, honestly, i am not even concerned about the weight factor!  we are overjoyed to be adding an addition to our family.  all of our plans have changed!  and we are so excited!  we are no longer going to have an “office” room at our new house.  it is now a nursery!

although the girls have a definite opinion of what gender they want, do we care what we are having?  absolutely not!  we tried for so long to even get a baby that we are past the point of being concerned if it is a boy or a girl.  my gut tells me girl (and twice my gut has been correct), but regardless of the gender, we are happy.  i would love a boy for matthew (and i know he would love it too) and for myself.  i hear that little boys love their mamas like no one else can.  i would love all that comes with little boys and i think nora and elyn would LOVE to have a baby brother. but we know girls, we love girls, we are set up for girls, we would welcome another pink bundle into our arms with very joyful hearts!  (we are tapped out on girl names though).

we go to the doctor on the 5th of november and pray for a good report.  we thank you for your prayers for us up until this point and welcome your prayers as our baby grows and our family gets ready to grow.  we are prayful for the health of this newest babe and for open hearts for what God has in store for us.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family Costumes!!!!!!

The Princess and the Unicorn

the oven and the chef...yep!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some pictures…because I can’t get caught up.

I was going through my pictures tonight and realized there are several that I haven’t shared.  Which really isn’t shocking considering that I have been lacking in my posts, seriously lacking.

The girls and I went to Texas a few weekends ago for my cousin, Jill’s, baby shower.  Jill is pregnant with TWO baby girls, Bristol and Berkley.  We are so excited for her and her shower was WELL attended and full of love and presents.

The table decorations were super cute…


Look at all of Jill’s helpers :).


Look at all of those presents!  It takes a lot of stuff to have twins.


A few weeks ago we met up with a blogger friend of mine, A.J.  We had tried a few times to get together with no success when finally we were able to schedule a play date.  Nora and Elyn LOVED, LOVED, LOVED baby Titus.  You can see the look of love on Nora’s face…

IMG_0201 IMG_0202 IMG_0204

I wanted a picture of all the kids…it was kind of funny.  Best picture of the four (of the five).


And then Adam was done, hahahahahaha!


The girls love to sit on the floor and color, despite the number of tables that we have scattered among our house.


While we were in Texas for Jill’s shower the girls and I went and had pedicures while my mom and sister were playing tennis.  I show these to you so you can see how cute the girls are but also to show you how Elyn likes to wear headbands.  She loves headbands, even when she has a bow on.  It has got to hurt!

  IMG_0527 IMG_0528

Some of Nora’s playdough creations.

IMG_0530 IMG_0531

And finally, the coolest baby swing/bouncy seat ever.  This is the seat that Jill got and I cannot believe how amazing it is.  Seriously, if you are about to have a baby, get this swing!!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dentist…first time

I’m an awesome mom.  Let’s just leave it at that and you all agree with me.



Well, today I took the girls to the dentist for the very first time.

(Nora should have gone like 2 years ago.)


Today they went and that is all that matters.

Matthew’s uncle is a dentist (handy!).  However, he lives in Fort Smith which is about an hour away (possibly the reason I have been delinquent in taking Nora).

Well, Elyn has been complaining of tooth pain and we decided it was high time I made the trek down.

Our appointment was at 9am this morning so we left the house bright and early.

Here they are, ready to see Uncle Mark…and they really were that excited!


Uncle Mark had a lot of fun things for the girls to play on while they waited for their turn.


Elyn and Uncle Mark…no cavities and a mystery as to why her teeth have been hurting lately.  Her x-rays showed no sign of damage either.  Kids.


Uncle Mark and Nora…no cavities here either!  And from her x-rays it looks like her newest molars might be making an appearance in a few months.


The girls loved seeing Uncle Mark and I loved how friendly the staff was!

And I made an appointment for 6 months from now…hoping to bring that “awesome mom” status back up to where it should be :).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Night

Tonight was GORGEOUS out, so while I was fixing dinner Matthew and the girls spent some time in the back yard.

By the time I was ready with dinner, they had started a fire in the fire pit with a promise from daddy that they could roast marshmallows afterwards.

Elyn has not been feeling well (her teeth have been hurting her, we’re going to the dentist tomorrow) so she was a little grumpy.  That didn’t stop her from wanting marshmallows though.


Nora was pretty excited!  Especially since we found two wire hangers that managed to make the move with us.



Getting the fire ready for the marshmallows…


IMG_0007 IMG_0008

The look on Elyn’s face is cracking me up!  It’s like she is saying, “Hey mom…are you sure about this?  Does Daddy even know what he is doing?”


Then my camera died.  Oh well, at least I am taking and putting pictures on my blog again-right?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I have a lot of pictures to catch up on.  Thankfully I found another card reader (didn’t even know I had it!), so I am taking today’s naptime to catch up.

Elyn’s birthday and party

I got to eat lunch with Elyn on her birthday.  She is always so funny when I go (I’ve only been 2 times, but she acts so shy).


I made her some cupcakes to share with your friends…that look suspiciously similar to her actual birthday cake…see below.


 IMG_0004 IMG_0005

Me and my big 3-year-old!


That night we had a family dinner, my mom drove up that day and was able to eat with us.  We ate in our dining room for the first time.  Well, dining room/sewing room/storage room…but whatever.

Elyn had requested a Belle cake for her birthday.  I thought, “Well, I can do that.”  Well, I could 75% do it.  I”m not a professional cake decorator by any stretch of the imagination, but my sweet 3-year-old thought it was awesome.  That’s all that matters.

 IMG_0010 IMG_0011

As she was going in to blow out the candles and baby part of her hair ignited.  Oops.  That is my mom’s hand getting the hair out of the flame.

IMG_0012 IMG_0013

Yea!  She still has most of her hair!!!!!!!


Present time!

 IMG_0016 IMG_0018 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0026 IMG_0027

After present time she laid down on some paper and had a craft time with my mom…paper Elyn and real Elyn-can you tell the difference?


And her party…lots and lots of pictures!

We had her birthday at “Cake Party”, a local fun place where parents have to do ABSOLUTELY ZERO!  When I started thinking about Elyn’s birthday, I knew I needed a low stress party for this year.  Our house is in all stages of getting done-with nothing being actually “done”.  This was the perfect solution.  The only thing I had to do was call and book it.  Went to a party here in January so I knew I it was a good place.

At “Cake Party” they have a cute little kitchen that the kids can play at while waiting for the main event.


Boxes and cakes ready to decorate

 IMG_0057 IMG_0059

Goodie bags


 IMG_0062 IMG_0066 IMG_0069_edited-1

Decorating boxes…


IMG_0073 IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0076 IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0082 IMG_0083

First things first, decorating the cookies and cupcakes.

 IMG_0086 IMG_0091 IMG_0092 IMG_0095 IMG_0098 IMG_0099 IMG_0103 IMG_0105 IMG_0113

After they finished their cookies and cupcakes, it was on to bigger and better things-the pink cakes!

 IMG_0115 IMG_0117  IMG_0125 IMG_0127 IMG_0129 IMG_0133 IMG_0138_edited-1

After they decorate their cakes, we got to sing happy birthday to the special girl…

IMG_0135_edited-1 IMG_0121 IMG_0148 IMG_0150

And then enjoying their desserts…

IMG_0156 IMG_0157 IMG_0158

IMG_0165_edited-1 IMG_0167

Present time-again!

IMG_0169_edited-1 IMG_0171 IMG_0176_edited-1

Elyn had such a great birthday!!!!!  On the way home, she got a hold of a stamper and enjoyed using it on her face…silly 3-year-old!!!!


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