Saturday, September 29, 2007

Getting closer...

Just one more full day of the "Henderson 3". It's kind of scary and exciting! We had a wonderful day as a family. We did nothing really memorable, but it was nice to be together.

Oh, I did get my hair cut and highlighted today! That was nice! I figured since I had some time, I might as well indulge in something that rarely happens. (Pre-kids: haircut and highlights every 6-8 weeks; post-kids: MAYBE a haircut every 2 months and coloring my own hair with a box of Clariol Herbal Essence #20something). Today was a definite luxury. I'm not super thrilled with the results, but hey, it's "professional" so I shouldn't be complaining!

Tomorrow we are going to church and then out to eat lunch. My sister is flying in tomorrow afternoon and will be here for a week. My mom and step-father are arriving bright and early Monday morning, just in time to see Matthew and I off to the hospital (and my mom is staying for a week also). And, my in-laws are driving in on Monday morning. I don't know if everyone is more excited to see Nora or to see the new baby.

So, this is it for me. I'm hoping that my friend, Marshall, will be a "guest writer" for me on Monday afternoon and post all the details. Please keep us in your prayers! Specifically for:
  • A healthy baby
  • A "complication-free" c-section
  • A healthy mommy
  • Bonding between Nora and new sibling (i.e. Nora doesn't throw herself down on the floor and make a huge scene because she wants me to hold her instead of the baby)
  • Safe travels for all family members
  • A quick recovery
  • A nice time with family once we arrive home

Thank you so much for your prayers!

I'll close with some pictures of my two favorite people in the entire world (before it becomes my THREE favorite people).

Nightly ritual of reading books (with pacifier...she only gets the pacifier at naptime and bedtime...I wonder how often she will steal the baby's pacifier?)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Update from this morning

I did go see the doctor today. I called at 8am and his nurse called back at 9am...pretty good, I thought.

When I went in, they did the "normal" check and nothing had changed. He looked at my legs and feet and advised me to "stay off of your feet, lay on your side as much as you can throughout the day." Well, I started crying at that point. I reminded him that I had a small child at home and that was nearly impossible. He backed off.

He has been concerned all along about how large I am measuring and suggested an ultrasound to see how big the baby was. He felt that I could just have a tremendous amount of fluid and it was pressing on my nerves in my legs and causing the numbing and swelling.

So, off to the ultrasound room I went. The baby is a perfect size (not too big like this infant) so there in no worry of delivering a giant. The problem is the fluid. Apparently, my fluid levels are near the very top of normal. I guess I could start floating pretty soon. It was amazing to see the baby again, so close to delivery!!!!

My doctor did tell me that if my legs continue hurting and the swelling continues that he would deliver the baby tomorrow. The decision is up to me (and Matthew) though. I really needed him to tell me what to do :). So far, we have decided to wait until the original day-Monday.

So, that's it. I'm full of liquid and my baby is fine.

Update and pics from the shower

Well, I am calling my doctor this morning about my feet. It is getting a tad ridiculous!!!!! I had so many people comment about how awful they looked last night at church. I have been telling everyone that I am borrowing them from an elephant for the next few days.

Who knows what the doc will say...stay off of them (yeah, right). I love the well-meaning people who really think that is even an option. Have they ever been around a 19 month old before? I mean, I don't have to entertain her 24/7 (thank goodness!), she is perfectly capable of playing by herself. BUT, she can't prepare her food herself, she is not skilled enough to fill her cups up with water/milk, she can't quite change her diaper or put her clothes on without assistance, you know, little things like that. I know, I know, what have I been teaching her?

Here are some pics from my surprise shower on Saturday. Thank you to all of my friends for making it such a special day for me!

I'll update later on about my call to the doctor and pass on what his advice is :).

Monday, September 24, 2007

SURPRISE, my "baby" girl, and my big ol' feet

My friends from church had a surprise baby shower for me on Saturday! It was great! I was so overwhelmed that I started crying. I don't have any of the pictures yet, but will post some (assuming I don't look like I weigh 600 pounds :) ) when I do get them.

My friends were very generous and I walked away with over 800 diapers, a TON of wipes, plenty of baby bath soap and lotion, some nice gift cards, and some other fun goodies. Nora even made out good...she got some cute new clothes from Kristy Brown because Kristy just couldn't bear to shop for generic clothes. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends!

My "baby" girl is no longer about to be my baby. That is so sad to me! I know that it is just a part of life and she will be just FINE when this baby arrives, but I find myself these past few days putting down the broom, not worrying if dinner is "on time", and letting the toys stay scattered on the floor for longer than normal, just because I am trying to enjoy this one-on-one time we have.

She is being such a girl lately too! I honestly don't know where she picked this up because it is not something I have "taught"'s amazing how she knows what girls are supposed to do! Her new favorite things to do are play with her baby dolls, push them around in her new baby doll stroller, wear necklaces (a ton of them!), put bows in her hair (well, I guess this one is my fault because I have stuck one in her hair since she was a day old), and pretend to do her hair and put on makeup. She still doesn't mind getting dirty and rolling around in the grass though...we are very thankful for that! Here are some pictures of her:

I went to my final doctors appointment today! YEA! He actually checked was a miracle (see previous post if you are not up to date on this)! Things are progressing but nothing will probably happen in the next 7 days. So, next Monday at noon we will be meeting our new baby! We are excited and anxious. I am ready to stop being so uncomfortable and for my feet to return to their normal size. Below is a picture of my enormous feet. I did not experience this swelling with Nora and it is NO FUN! I have one pair of shoes that I can wear (they are flip flops).

Also, my hands have been numb for the past few weeks. Not fun either. My doctor told me something about extra fluid pressing on some nerves...I don't know, I just hope they go back to normal when I am no longer "with child".
So, the countdown has begun! If anything happens between now and next Monday, I will let you all know...but don't count on it.

What do you think we're having? I have polled most of my friends around here and the majority thinks girl. I don't know why...but they have a 50/50 chance. My family is convinced that it is a boy and have told me they will be super shocked if it is not. Again, I don't know why. Everyone will find out in just a few days!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pointless doctor's visits

Let me just tell you how pointless my doctor's visits are now. VERY!

When I was pregnant with Nora, I loved my weekly appointments. Seriously! Well, I didn't enjoy the whole "weigh-in", but it was a small price to pay to hear the doctor tell me how much I had progressed from the week before.

I would lie there, holding my breath (partly from anticipation and partly from the intense pain I was feeling), waiting for him to tell me the magic number.

The first time...1 cm
The next week...3 cm (I strangely felt proud about if I had done something to warrant this large number...I had done nothing, mostly just sit around)
The last week...3.5 cm

I was also always prepared for him to say,"Woah! You are in serious labor!!!! How could you not have known? Your ability to ignore the pain is AMAZING! You might as well start pushing because we don't even have time to make it to the hospital. Again, I am amazed at how strong you are!". That scenario never happened.

Well, now that I am having a scheduled c-section (thank you for that Nora...thank you for being turned sideways and unable to come out of me. Now I will never get to experience the "real" birthing process) my doctor does not think it is necessary to check me.

WHAT!!!??? Is he kidding me? Am I just supposed to walk around unaware of my "progress". He doesn't feel that there is a point in "stirring things up" since we already know how this baby will come out.

Well, stir things up a little, a girl needs to know! But because he is leaving out a crucial part of weekly doctor visits, I find them absolutely pointless.

He measures my belly...I don't need his M.D. to tell me that the baby is STILL growing, I'm very aware of that.

He listens to the heartbeat...again, I know the baby is fine because he/she moves ALL the time (and I have my own handy-dandy doppler at home).

The nurse takes my blood pressure...I'm not swelling (well, I am so hot all of the time that I feel like I am on fire and that is causing a little bit of swelling, but nothing major) so I think we can rule out preeclampsia.

Oh, the weigh-in...again, I don't need the constant humiliation of the scale staring me in the face. I know, I've gained weight, surprise.

I pee in a cup...which should be an Olympic event for pregnant women in their final weeks of pregnancy. Seriously, it really is the most difficult part of the visit! And no one has ever called me because of a "bad sample", so I find this pointless as well.

(If you can't tell, I am seriously ready to stop being so big and uncomfortable. Sorry for taking it out on the keyboard and my readers!)

I want you all to know that I LOVE my doctor!!!! He is fantastic and there is no one else I would rather see. With that said, I think it is ridiculous that I have to go back to his office Monday for my final pointless visit.

To make me feel somewhat better, he said that if my water breaks, just go ahead to the hospital...there is no need to make an appointment.

Oh, really? Okay, thanks.

Monday, September 17, 2007

100 things about me

I should NOT be doing this...I have a million other things that I am putting off. Oh well.

  1. I was named after the Dallas Cowboys and my aunt (her middle name is the same as mine.) ***according to my mom, I don't know as much about myself as I thought I did. (See her comment)
  2. I always hated my name when I was in grade school
  3. I appreciate it now
  4. There are 2 other people at my church named Dallas
  5. One is an elder and one is another lady (her youngest son and Nora are only 6 weeks apart in age)
  6. If you looked my name up in a book of names, it would be in the "boy" section
  7. I was born in Corpus Christi, TX
  8. My mom didn't think I was her baby when they brought me to her because I had jet black hair
  9. Like most of the people who live in Corpus Christi (large Hispanic population)
  10. She's convinced now
  11. My earliest memory is my sister being born
  12. I was 2 1/2 years old
  13. She also has a "boy" name (Marty)
  14. I can't remember not taking ballet classes
  15. I never wanted to take tap classes because I didn't like the shoes
  16. I dreamed of wearing toe shoes one day
  17. I got to
  18. I was in "The Nutcracker"
  19. I took ballet until my sophomore year of high school
  20. I don't remember very much about ballet now
  21. I don't have a very good memory
  22. I pray that God will allow my memory to improve so that I can remember Nora's childhood better than my own
  23. I'm thankful that my sister has an excellent memory
  24. I have 2 surviving grandparents (both grandmothers)
  25. My grandfather (my mom's dad) died when I was 10
  26. I don't remember very much about him...I wish I did
  27. My other grandfather died when I was a junior in college
  28. I remember a whole lot more about him...I'm glad
  29. I have a half-brother
  30. His wife and he just had a baby boy
  31. So, I guess I am an aunt
  32. I have been pregnant 3 times
  33. I have miscarried one time
  34. I have gone through labor one time
  35. I have had an epidural
  36. I have had one c-section
  37. #34-#36 all resulted in Nora
  38. I love Diet Coke!
  39. I do not like Diet Pepsi
  40. I enjoy sewing
  41. I wish I was better at sewing
  42. I am supposed to be working on a bed skirt for Nora's new bed right now
  43. I'm procrastinating (see heading)
  44. I HATE to clean the bathrooms!!!!
  45. Thankfully, I married an amazing man who does it for me
  46. Our bathrooms need to be cleaned badly right now
  47. I LOVE cleaning the kitchen!
  48. I am constantly cleaning out the sink and wiping down the counters
  49. I also don't mind dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping
  50. I love to do the laundry too
  51. I enjoy folding the clothes
  52. I would rather have someone clean my house for me though
  53. When I am working full-time again, I will
  54. I will not be working full-time again for many, many years
  55. I do not want to teach in a regular classroom again
  56. I taught elementary school for 7 years
  57. 5 years of kindergarten
  58. 2 years of 2nd grade
  59. I like 2nd grade better
  60. I was a good teacher (not just know if you are good at your job...I was...I enjoyed it)
  61. I like being a mom better
  62. I can't imagine dropping Nora off somewhere everyday for 8 hours
  63. I understand that a lot of mom's do and I respect them
  64. I have run 2 1/2 marathons
  65. I hope to do another one someday
  66. I am NOT an athlete
  67. When I played basketball in the 6th grade, I shot the ball at the wrong goal
  68. And scored 2 points for the other team
  69. I kept playing in 7th and 8th grades
  70. I was the basketball manager in high school
  71. All my friends were athletes (except one, and she was a manager with me)
  72. I hope Nora inherits her daddy's athletic skills
  73. And my love of reading
  74. I would rather read during my spare time than do anything else
  75. I am currently without a book in hopes that I will accomplish some of the other things that need to get done
  76. I have had a friend (other than my sister) since I was 8 years old
  77. She's still one of my dearest friends
  78. I don't mind pulling weeds in the garden
  79. When I was little I thought it was torture
  80. I can't stand coconut-ANYTHING coconut
  81. I also don't like cooked fruits
  82. My favorite candy is Hot Tamales
  83. I don't like spicy food
  84. I don't like iced tea
  85. I am from the South
  86. I think you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day
  87. I have been carrying a white purse since Labor Day
  88. I'm embarrassed about that and need to change it out
  89. I would love to have a house with 4 bedrooms
  90. If I never have a house with 4 bedrooms, I'll be okay
  91. I drive a mini-van (Honda Odyssey)
  92. I was sad the day we bought it (I never wanted one)
  93. I'm so glad to have it now!
  94. I had my ears pierced when I was 4 years old
  95. I think that is too young now
  96. When I was in the 3rd or 4th grade, I had my hair cut lopsided...on purpose
  97. I wanted to be a punk rocker, I guess
  98. I really need some highlights
  99. And a pedicure
  100. I think a foot massage is the best thing ever

Friday, September 14, 2007

Note to self...

A toddler who wakes up crying from her nap has not finished her nap and DO NOT go in and get her.

She's back asleep.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Down to the teens...and random thoughts at 7am

As you can see by my "lilypie" ticker above, we are nearing our delivery is in the teens! Yeah, we are scared. Which might seem silly to some of you out there, I mean come on, we already have one kid, why in the world would be scared about welcoming a second? Um...probably because this one is going to be COMPLETELY different from Nora AND is going to be a helpless infant! (Nora as a helpless infant (9 days old)...screaming her head off...are we truly ready for THIS again?)Oh well, we don't have any choice. Whether we are mentally prepared or not, in 19 days or less we are welcoming a 4th member to our family.

I went to the doctor on Monday and everything looks fine. No dilation (although I was convinced that I had dilated some...I've had some serious Braxton-Hicks!). I go back on Monday and we will repeat the procedure.

As far as "being ready", well, I guess we are. This poor kid is getting the shaft! When Nora was born, we acted like she was the first little girl ever born. She had SO MUCH STUFF it was a little bit ridiculous. Actually, most of her 0-3 month clothing she never got to wear because she was so tiny. When she was finally able to wear it, the seasons had changed and it would have been silly for her to wear a sundress in November.

I know, I know, you are thinking, "Well, if you had just told everyone the sex of the baby then this sweet baby would have been hooked up too." There is some truth to that statement, but we made our decision months ago and now have to stick with it.

Here is what is available for baby "b" (as my mom affectionately calls it):

* a bassinet (currently in our room, but will probably be moved to the living room as soon as I heal from my c-section...just so that I don't wake up at every sound)

* diapers (4 packs of newborn diapers...hopefully those will last at least 2 weeks)

* a coming home's white

* some sleepers/gowns to wear once we are home...the colors are green/yellow/white (from sweet people who felt sorry for this baby and wanted it to have something)

* me (I nursed Nora for 11 months and hope to nurse this baby as well)

* a crib...okay, technically, it is occupied by the current owner, but we are hoping to move the baby to it in December when the current occupant moves to a miniature bed

So, as you can see, the kid really has all that it needs. I do need to get some burp cloths (maybe personalize them without giving it away) and some new blankets, but overall, I think we are set. It's amazing that I thought Nora needed everything to get her through her first year of life before she was I realize, they don't need much.

Okay, this post is way too long already. I am going to close with some pictures of Nora. She has recently started getting underneath the bar stools in our kitchen. She thinks it is hilarious. She'll poke her head out and say "Hello". The only problem is that she cannot get out on her own. We are working on that! It is hard for mama to crawl down on the floor and release her from her "prison".

Friday, September 07, 2007

18 month old pics

To see the rest of them, click here.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I feel like I am definitely in the "nesting" stage of my pregnancy. I am sure that my husband is ready for me to stop cleaning everything out and throwing things away! This weekend this is what we accomplished:

1. Completely finished cleaning out the guest bedroom closet and beginning to transform it to Nora's new closet.

2. Cleaning out Nora's old closet and dresser: putting all of her clothes that are now too small for her in tubs and moving clothes that she isn't ready for into her new closet.

3. Getting baby things down from the attic: bouncy seat, swing, excersaucer, jumperoo, car seat, and bath tub

4. Finishing cleaning out our closet to make room for some things that were moved from the guest closet.

5. Cleaning out the garage and moving a ton of things into the attic in hopes of having a garage sale one day (maybe 2 weekends from now?).

6. Cleaning out the laundry room

My mom, grandmother, and aunt were here this weekend and helped me some in my attempt to clean everything out. Shelf paper went down in the dresser that Matthew refinished, ideas for the panel curtains I am making for Nora's room were tossed around, and some fall clothing purchasing was done.

It was a very busy weekend, but we all felt accomplished when it was done. Here are some pictures of some things that have happened at our house in the past few weeks.

Here is the dresser that Matthew refinished. I think it looks fantastic! He is going to distress Nora's toddler bed to match.

This is the curtain that I made for Nora's new room. I am making pink panels to go underneath, but couldn't figure out how I wanted them to look. After talking it over with my mom this weekend, I think I have a better idea of what I want, but I may have to wait until the baby is born before it is accomplished.This is the "new" guest bathroom. Matthew painted and I made the shower curtain. When the baby is born we will add the second letter to the wall...don't want to give it away yet :).

Nora's closets:
This is her current you can tell, it's tiny. But so were her clothes, so I didn't feel bad about the amount of closet space we offered her.

Her new closet. It's more spacious.

I still have a ton to do, like wash all of the new baby things and find a place for them and wash all of the things that we got down from the attic. I would also like to clean out my food pantry and do a few more sewing jobs before the baby comes. We'll see what gets done.

Matthew commented last night that this the cleanest our closets have been in a long time. See what having a baby will make you get done!

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