Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I feel like I am definitely in the "nesting" stage of my pregnancy. I am sure that my husband is ready for me to stop cleaning everything out and throwing things away! This weekend this is what we accomplished:

1. Completely finished cleaning out the guest bedroom closet and beginning to transform it to Nora's new closet.

2. Cleaning out Nora's old closet and dresser: putting all of her clothes that are now too small for her in tubs and moving clothes that she isn't ready for into her new closet.

3. Getting baby things down from the attic: bouncy seat, swing, excersaucer, jumperoo, car seat, and bath tub

4. Finishing cleaning out our closet to make room for some things that were moved from the guest closet.

5. Cleaning out the garage and moving a ton of things into the attic in hopes of having a garage sale one day (maybe 2 weekends from now?).

6. Cleaning out the laundry room

My mom, grandmother, and aunt were here this weekend and helped me some in my attempt to clean everything out. Shelf paper went down in the dresser that Matthew refinished, ideas for the panel curtains I am making for Nora's room were tossed around, and some fall clothing purchasing was done.

It was a very busy weekend, but we all felt accomplished when it was done. Here are some pictures of some things that have happened at our house in the past few weeks.

Here is the dresser that Matthew refinished. I think it looks fantastic! He is going to distress Nora's toddler bed to match.

This is the curtain that I made for Nora's new room. I am making pink panels to go underneath, but couldn't figure out how I wanted them to look. After talking it over with my mom this weekend, I think I have a better idea of what I want, but I may have to wait until the baby is born before it is accomplished.This is the "new" guest bathroom. Matthew painted and I made the shower curtain. When the baby is born we will add the second letter to the wall...don't want to give it away yet :).

Nora's closets:
This is her current closet...as you can tell, it's tiny. But so were her clothes, so I didn't feel bad about the amount of closet space we offered her.

Her new closet. It's more spacious.

I still have a ton to do, like wash all of the new baby things and find a place for them and wash all of the things that we got down from the attic. I would also like to clean out my food pantry and do a few more sewing jobs before the baby comes. We'll see what gets done.

Matthew commented last night that this the cleanest our closets have been in a long time. See what having a baby will make you get done!


Julie said...

I like the new bathroom. My mom said she really liked it! We re-did Bailey's bathroom too, to be more "kid friendly"

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am tired after hearing about all you did! It looks fabulous! I love Nora's curtains and the bathroom. SO CUTE!!
love you,

Sara said...

I'm impressed at your level of energy. The pics are all adorable..I also love the dresser. It is so cute. Can you come over to my house sometime soon??

Ashley said...

So cute! I have always been envious of your curtain making. I have a sewing machine but so far am mending and hemming pants. I have been nesting, too. The thing I'm not looking forward to is the bottles, bottle rack, and breastmilk storage stuff. It seems like there was never a time that stuff was all put away. I was so glad when Ranger turned 1. Here it all goes...

Jennifer Floyd said...

Wow! I had no idea you were such a talented seamstress! I'm so jealous! Can you come make stuff for my nursery next?? :)

Amy said...

Wow. You have been so busy. I love nesting. You go through all those months of having no energy during pregnany and then nesting hits you and you make up for all the times you didn't get things done!! You're house looks great! I can't wait to find out what you are having!!

Kim said...

I love, love the bathroom. So cute. You are so crative. And Nora's room looks great. I am impressed with all you manage to get done.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

oh goodness! i love getting that feeling! It's great to have so much accomplished. your pics of the room are precious. you are such a talented seamstress! I am already gearing up for some cleaning time, but I feel as though its all pointless til I at least get Aiden's big boy room ready, and then we can move from there! ahhh!

julie said...

Your blog is too funny. I can totally related to everything you are going through with the your pregnancy. The nesting--OH MY GOODNESS. I vacuumed my house 4 times last week. My house has never been so clean. Nora's room is adorable. We just finished our Norah's room too and it turned out so cute. I love it. You'll have to tell me how you made your shower curtain. Maybe that can be my next project. Was it hard??? I have bathroom I need to do something with. Anyway, I am so glad I can keep up with you through the blogging world. Nora is so cute. Her pictures turned out great!

Suzanne said...

how frickin' CUTE are YOU??!! i LOVE the way you guys have decorated! and that pic of nora...omg...to die for! she is absolutely adorable! can't WAIT to hear what baby #2 is!!

Sarah said...

cool house! I don't think I have seen any pictures of it before.

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