Thursday, August 30, 2007

Winter vs. Summer

Here are some reasons why being pregnant during the winter months is better than being pregnant during the summer months.

  • Number one reason: not having to wear a maternity swimsuit!!!!!
  • No swelling. I was able to wear my wedding rings to the hospital to deliver Nora. I had to take them off yesterday because I was losing circulation to "ring man" on my left hand.
  • No waking up in the middle of night sweating. I, however, am the only one sweating. We have one of those nifty atomic clocks that also lets us know the temperature inside our house. When I woke up at 2:30 am, sweating, I looked to see if the temp. inside was near 85 degrees. Nope, it said 69.5 degrees. I realize this is extremely cool and you are probably afraid for our electricity bill (thank you for your concern...I assure you, we are a bit concerned too). I looked over at Matthew only to find him buried underneath extra blankets. At least someone is cool. (On a side note, when I was pregnant during the winter months with Nora, our gas bill was very low. Matthew would sit around in a toboggan and gloves, but we saved money that winter!)
  • No annoying ice cream man driving up an down the street to remind you of your ever-present sweet tooth. He is to blame for my weight gain...I'm sure of it!
  • No shorts to wear. No, you get to wear long pants to hide your swollen legs! Also, you can wear a coat (if you are brave enough to chance a heat stroke) to cover up an extra "bulges" you might have grown during the past few months.

And now, some perks on being pregnant during the summer:

  • tank tops!
  • Hopefully losing enough of the baby weight so that when the next summer rolls around, I won't still be breaking out the maternity swimsuits.
  • Getting to wear coats and long pants this winter to cover up an "bulges" that did not go away with the delivery.
  • Ice cream!!!!!!!
  • Getting to sit in a swimming pool to cool off
  • Fresh fruit/vegetables

These lists are not exhaustive, obviously. If you can think of others to add, please feel free to chime in. My sweet baby just woke up and I need to go and rescue her from a soaking wet diaper (which is a whole other post in itself).


TDavis said...

Good things about winter pregs:
-it IS much cooler
-Thanksgiving and Christmas eating without guilt
-everyone gets you baby stuff for Christmas
-by the time the baby is born it's warm enough to exercise outside

Bad things:
-you don't feel like wearing cute summer clothes with all the postpartum weight
-you have a newborn so trips to the lake, pool, vacations are much more complicated or simply impossible.
-everyone gets you baby stuff for Christmas. :)

Julie said...

I sympathize with you! I would not want to be pregnant in the heat of the summer months, especially the end of my pregnancy! At lest you can hide behind sweaters while working off that baby weight. Which I know you will loose quickly! Think of all the exercise you will get running back and forth between kids!

Ashley said...

One good thing about being preggo in the summer and due in fall/winter is that a baby is an excuse to bail on holiday festivities that you are otherwise forced to partake in :)

Kimberly said...

I suffered through the long hot summer being pregnant last year. My favorite part about the summer pregnancy would def. be flip flops! My feet were so swollen that there is no way they could have fit in anything else.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

amen sistah. I'm the opposite of you...summer last time, january this time...yet my rings still seem a bit tight, and curses to those maternity bathing suits...AND losing that weight...booo.

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