Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The pursuit of education

Last night, my husband began his journey towards his Ph.D.!!!! He attended his first class...the first of many! I am so proud of him!

His goal? A Ph.D. in Educational Foundations (basically, 3 years of educational statistics and research methods...sounds fun, huh...oh, and then a dissertation).

He goes tomorrow night for round two.

He is going to be a very busy man! He is still teaching full-time with the occasional after school tutoring session; he is going to be watching Nora on Tuesday evenings while I teach my class for Harding; he is welcoming a new baby in early October and all that comes with that (sleepless nights, emotional wife, active toddler, etc.); driving to Fayetteville 2 nights a week; studying for his classes and writing papers; life in general.

I am confident that he will succeed! I am proud of him and his desire to become DR. Henderson!


Amy said...

Congratulations to Matthew for starting his Ph.D! It will be busy for you all but it will be so worth it in the end. We went through the same thing when Jon was getting his MBA (having a new baby, work, and school). It actually went by really fast. I was so happy when his school was over, though! Hope you are feeling well.

Karie said...

i'll be thinking of matthew but i can much more easily sympathize with you, the supportive wife of someone who is in pursuit of becoming "Dr"! i will have to second what amy said though...it went really fast for us too! the babies and toddlers speed it up a little, i think!

Congratulations and good luck!

Julie said...

Way to go Matthew!

The Brown Family said...

I am in the one year old classroom...is that the room she will be in? If so, I can't wait to get to see little miss Nora on Tuesdays! She's so cute! And YEAH RIGHT on starting #2...it'll still be a while. I don't want to be pregnant on our 5 year anniversary in april when we go to Cozumel! :) Congrats on Matthew starting his Ph.D! That's wonderful!

Sara said...

Wow...that is a busy semester, but it will go fast. I can't believe Jim is already in his final year of his Ph.D. Congrats to Matthew!

Marshall Brown said...

That's it? That's all he's got to do?


Jenn said...

You go, Matthew...more power to ya, guy. I know you will do great in school and taking care of Nora and the newest little bundle on Tuesday nights. "I'm still on the put it off as long as you can" plan. Maybe someday I'll get back to school, until then, there are many diapers to change and books to read! I love it!! :)
Hope you are feeling great, Dallas...not much longer! Many prayers for healthy mama and baby!

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