Sunday, September 17, 2006

Future Mountie?????

IMG_1315 Here she is...our future Mountaineer. What in the world is a "Mountaineer" you might ask? Well, only the most hick mascot on the face of the earth! When we moved to Northwest Arkansas, I was mortified to find out that I was working in a school district that actually promoted the stereotypical view of all Arkansans. To the left is a silhouette of a "Mountie": notice the pipe (promoting smoking and lung cancer), the long nasty hair, the straw hat, and probably a moonshine still in his backyard. What you don't see are the cutoff overalls that usually completes the ensemble. The CHEERLEADERS run out onto the field with their hair in pigtails and sporting cutoffs as well. Again, a tad bit embarrassing. And yet, I embroidered my daughter a spirit shirt for the game Friday night.

This is not my first run in with weird mascots. I grew up as a...drumroll please...kangaroo! Yep, laugh all you want, but I was a fighting blue kangaroo...Go Big Blue! I realize it is not as intimidating as say a panther, or lion, or even wildcat (shout out to Matthew), but it was what I grew up with and I was proud. I didn't even realize until I got to college that it was unusual.

I had a friend in college whose mascot was even crazier than mine. He was a PRETZEL! I'm not kidding! He was from Illinois (I think) and proudly wore the name of a pretzel. That makes me laugh!

What about you...any crazy mascot growing up? It is amazing how offended one can get when you make fun of their pride and joy, the spirit of the school, the reason for the pep rallies-the mascot!


Leslie said...

hey dallas!

funny post...the onesie looks so professional! can't wait to see your next creation. okay, here goes all the many mascots of my life. i am including middle school and all 3 of my highschools...a pirate, a rebel (think ole miss), a viking, a panther and my favorite-a bison! talk to you soon.

love ya, leslie :)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

so precious. I am impresesd with the onesie! wow. I ned to learn how to do that!

Anonymous said...

First of all can I just say how beautiful Nora is?? She gets cuter every time I see a new pic.
Second of all, as a former blue roo myself, I can also say that I didn't know a kangaroo was a weird mascot until college either and was very proud of it until 1996.
However, there is an even worse mascot in New Braunfels TX- the Unicorn! I'm sure the football team loved sporting that on their letter jackets!
Love you,

Dallas said...

Julie, that is so funny! My stepmother was actually a teacher for the Unicorns...I totally forgot about them. Thanks for reminding me. How are you feeling? I need to call you this week to say how baby Walker is growing. Love you!

Heather said...

We had sort of a double personality at my high school. We were technically the Aggies (the school was an agricultural school a million years ago or something), but our mascot was a bulldog. Of course then I went to Bama (after a brief time at Harding as a Bison) and again a double personality--the Crimson Tide and a big elephant. Go figure!!

Jim and Sara said...

How about the Cairo, Georgia, Syrupmakers? Theire mascot is a syrup pitcher!

Also, see this fun Web site for lots of cool school names and mascots.


Kristen said...

In middle school in Oklahoma, we were the bullpups (the high school was the bulldogs). In high school, we were panthers.

In Frisco, the high school mascot is the racoon (weird?!) and where we are moving in to in Keller, I think they are the roadrunners (again, weird?!?!)

Who comes up with these crazy animals for schools anyways?

Kristen said...

Oh, and good job on the onesie!

Anonymous said...

Nora is so cute in her onesie! I want an embroidery machine! BTW, great pic on your profile.

Anonymous said...

your mountaineer bit is hilarious. I actually went to a high school in TX called South _____ H.S. The mascot was the Colonels, and he wore a Confederate Army uniform and we had the confederate flag as our school flag. Can you believe that? How redneck is that? (This has since been changed:). I also had the Bisons, both in middle school and in college!

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