Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Lately I have been busy getting semi-crafty.  In an effort to save money and wear myself out, I have chosen to make several Christmas gifts.

I usually make things every Christmas, but for some reason, it feels as if I am doing more this holiday.

For the girls MDO teachers, I made these cute cork boards (shout out to Ashley!).  Very economical and RAVE reviews from their teachers.
About a week ago, I noticed that the girls had ZERO Christmas clothing items.  Zero.  In the four Christmases (Christmas's...Christmas'...I don't know) that Nora has been alive this has never happened.  My goodness, on her first Christmas she had so much red and green that she barely got to wear it all.

So, again in an effort to save pennies, I have been making some Christmas items for the girls.

You all saw the reindeer shirts in the last post.

The girls are wearing these shirts tomorrow:

And I am in the process of making one more for each of them.

They still need Christmas dresses but I am in NO MOOD to tackle that one.  

I have a short attention span for making things...I actually think I have pushed my limit.  That is why I have no desire to ever make this a business...ever.

(However, if you are desperate and need something yesterday, I will try and help you out...I'm easily swayed by pity and guilt.)

All of that to say, I am proud of my creations.  Matthew thinks it's funny when I take pictures of the things I make.  I tell him it's for the future when the girls say to me: You never do anything for us!  I'll just pull these pictures out and prove them wrong.

(And finally, anybody else sad that Glee is over until the spring?  I know I am and can't wait to download both albums!)


Holly Aytes said...

Those are such cute shirts! My abilities with sewing are iron-on things! My mom can sew but I can't! I would love to find someone close by who can make those adorable little pillowcase dresses (or a pattern so my mom can make them!).

Derek and Michelle said...

I am very impressed with your crafts and shirts. You are very talented.

mom said...

I am so proud of you (and Matthew) and the way you take care of your family. I LOVE the shirts AND the cork board!

Ashley said...

Cute! Now let me see your scarves!!

Deborah said...

Ok, I'm coming out of the closet about Glee--I LOVE IT!!! Yes, I was so sad when it was over. We already have several songs on Pat's iPod, ready for our 12-hour drive to my parents for Christmas!

You are INCREDIBLE to make all those things, girl. I have a machine for hemming...not crafting. The boys have to have costumes for their Christmas play, and they require minimal sewing. I'm freaking out about it.

OK, I'm going to chill out on my epic comments on your blog.

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