Monday, October 16, 2006

An update

Well, I figured I would update about our lives. It seems like it has been awhile since I have done that.

Right now, Nora is a little sick. I took her to the doctor this morning and he gave her a prescription for a cough medicine and eye drops. So, now, I guess it is up to me to torture her every 2 hours by putting drops in her eye. She only has to take the cough medicine for 5 days, so by Friday we will hopefully be free of that. Yesterday Nora and I didn't go to church because when she woke up, she was coughing like a seal and her eye was matted closed...gross! I suppose I should be thankful, this is her first cold in almost 8 months of life. And, knock on wood, the doctor said her ears looked clear!

She still refuses to roll over on her stomach. We practice every single day, many times. But every time I put her on her stomach, she flips right back over onto her back. I put so many enticing things just out of her reach and she is not tempted at all. The most enticing of cell phone...does not even tempt her to roll towards it. At this point, it looks like I may have to call in an expert. I heard one time that if your child does not crawl and goes straight to walking, they have a more difficult time learning to read. Well, the reading specialist in me is terrified that this might happen. So, to compensate, I am overloading her with read alouds. The rational, level headed person in me laughs at this and knows that she will be just fine. Finding a balance between the two voices is hard.

She has a tooth poking through! It is creeping upwards and everyday, shows up a little more. It is very sweet and she hasn't seemed too bothered by the jaggedy thing. She also has been talking up a storm for over a month. When I say "talking" I mean, "mamamama", "babababa", and "dadadadada". It melts my heart! That is how she wakes me up in the morning-talking.

We took family pictures on Saturday (not professional, just with a friends really nice camera). We also took some with our camera, but when we got home, we couldn't find out camera anywhere! I am still searching and hopefully it will turn up very soon!

I am going to be teaching for Harding University again in the spring. I am actually going to be teaching two nights, but only one class. On Monday nights I will have to drive to Fort Smith (1 hour away), but Matthew and Nora will get to go with me. Matthew's grandmother lives in Ft. Smith, so they will hang out with her while I teach. Then on Tuesday nights, I will teach the same class, but up here in Bentonville. I'm glad to be contributing to our family income again in the spring...God is definitely watching out for us!

Life is keeping us very, very busy! I never imagined it would be so hectic! What I can't believe is that Nora will be 8 months old on the 23rd. Maybe we'll find our camera soon and I can post some of our fall family pics...but until then, here are some that we took a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

IMG_1345 IMG_1352



Heather said...

She gets more beautiful every time you post a picture. Your family is beautiful and very blessed. Enjoy the teaching!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics! I have been waiting for more blogs and love reading them!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Cutie pie Nora!

You must've wow'ed 'em at HU since you got the invite to teach in the spring. I'm not sure I'll be asked back but if I do it will be next fall. Grad classes for SW are only offered in the summer and fall; spring is we'll be poor again this spring. ;) Not really, we're blessed but it is nice to have some extra income!!

Jim and Sara said...

Nora is a doll! Loved the new pictures. You look great by the way. It looks like WW is treating you well..good job!


Anonymous said...

yall are so cute.

sorry ab the eye matted up part. that would have freaked me out. and hurray for teeth, even though the teething part REALLy stinks.

Julie said...

Nora is really growing! Your mom emailed me pics of Nora in her Halloween costume...ADORABLE! I am sorry she has a cold. Bailey has one too. They are miserable! You are looking fantastic! Love you!


Ashley Lemaster said...

You guys all look great! Isn't fall the best. You convinced me! I finally posted our blog. check it out!

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