Thursday, October 11, 2007

Birthdays, church, and beads

We are doing well in the Henderson house. Matthew went back to work today (after taking 8 days off!!!!!! There are many, many perks to being a teacher and one of them is accumulating sick days). His mom is here until tomorrow and then we will have the weekend as a family. I am "cleared" as of Monday to pick up Nora and drive, so on Monday, we will officially be alone! Just us girls. Hopefully I will still be smiling at the end of the day.

Nora has been testing us lately. She is very sweet with Elyn, but if she does not get what she wants, she will throw herself down and scream. I don't know if it is her age (almost 20 months) or if it is jealousy over Elyn, or both. Either way, it is wearing me out. Any suggestions from you moms of more than one...especially those of you who have kids close together. I think she is ready for a normal schedule again...I know I am too!

Elyn is a great baby! She is sleeping really good and only has 1-2 fussy times during the day. She is a SLOW eater though. Completely different from Nora! Nora would eat so fast and Elyn takes about 30-45 minutes. I guess she will be my slow kid :).

Matthew's birthday was Sunday and it was also our first Sunday to church. We didn't make it to class but made it to worship. Here are some pictures:

The birthday boy and his girls

This is a picture of Nora playing with Elyn. Nora loves to wear these beads and shared them with Elyn this day. She also thought that her baby doll needed to be laying down beside know, they ARE both babies!

I am enjoying my girls and my emotions are getting under control. I still cry, but I don't look at the task ahead of me as impossible anymore. God is really helping me out!


Julie said...

Y'all look great! Keep the pictures coming!

Cassie said...

Hang in there. Seems like you all are doing great. I am sure Nora is having some adjustment time. You will find a groove soon. Cute photos of the family.

aprillong said...

Wow! The picture of all four of you is excellent! I can't believe how good you look so soon after a C-section. In fact, you and Matthew don't even look sleep deprived. I am truly thankful that life seems more doable to you now. You will find your routine and life will be "back on track" least most days! :)

Whitney said...

What a beautiful family you have- congratulations on the newest addition (she's precious!)

mom said...

The beads and dolly so remind me of you when Marty was about 4 weeks old and you were chewing gum, reached down to kiss Marty on the head, and left your gum stuck in her hair. Just like Nora, you were the sweetest big sister! I think it is adorable she wanted to share her beads and doll. The first picture, Nora looks like she has a little attitude! She seems to be saying, "this is my domain. just try and mess with me".
You are a great mom and look beautiful! And Matthew looks so happy! I love you!

Sara said...

I'm glad life is looking up for you. It always takes time to transition into new phases. (atleast for me it does!!)

You look great and your family is beautiful.

Laura said...

I am glad everything is going so well! You're a great mom, Dallas!

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