Thursday, September 09, 2010

Since we moved in….

  • we have unpacked one box
  • the girls prefer to spend their time downstairs playing instead of in their playroom (maybe it’s because their playroom has no toys in it)
  • we had carpet installed (except on the stairs…it has to be bound and sent back)
  • I used the new oven…although, only one burner works. Sigh. They other four spark but do not ignite. The repairman is coming Tuesday.
  • have been using plywood as a countertop (granite is being installed on Tuesday)
  • have watched zero t.v. and we are finding it hard to do our jobs with out internet (AT&T is coming to our house on Tuesday)
  • experienced our first big rain and didn’t have any of our new windows leak
  • found out that our queen sized bed is too big to fit up the stairs (the box springs, I’m sure we could shove the mattress up). Matthew and I have been sleeping in the living room and it looks like we might have to resort to sleeping in twin beds. Kidding….kind of.
  • swept our new floor approximately 1 million times and it is still filthy
  • done 6 loads of laundry (because I can't find the boxes that my clothes are in...not kidding)
  • I took one really cold shower before we discovered the hot water heater was set on the “vacation” setting
  • Matthew partially installed the kitchen sink. I am so happy to have it because that means I don’t have to climb stairs to rinse out cups (we only use paper plates/bowls and plastic utensils)
  • had our first dinner last night in our new home (rotisserie chicken and microwave potatoes and corn…didn’t have to cook a thing)
  • we are learning that we can adapt semi-easily to all the trials of living in a home that is still in the middle of renovations

I hope to post pictures soon….not that I’ve taken many. I really should hire a photographer to capture all the changes our home has gone through. Oh well. Too late now.

I’m at our old house right now, packing up the rest of our stuff (odd and ends) and am taking advantage of the internet service…so, I’m off to finish packing.

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Amy said...

When Lamar and I were first married and lived in a little duplex (you may have seen it at some point. i don't know. my memory is shot.) our queen box springs wouldn't fit up the stairs. I did get, from some furniture store, split box springs for a queen. Now I wish I'd upgraded us to a king then (because they have split box springs too).

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