Sunday, January 19, 2014

Things that have been in my "notes" section of my phone

Just punished Nora. And her punishment is not being able to watch wheel of fortune tonight.

We are at Wendy's, eating lunch, Nora ordered a baked potato. When it came she said "where is the cheese and ranch?" I said they don't have shredded cheese and ranch. She sighed loudly and said-well, they must not be trying too hard to sell potatoes. Cheese and ranch would help that!

Matthew put the dessert together and keeps going on and on about how good it is and all. Elyn looks at him and says-you're acting like you cooked this. Haha! Store bought cake, berries and whipped cream. 
"Google it ", What Nora says when she wants us to look something up online.

"Mines", what Rives says when he it is his.
You were in my dream mommy, do you remember that? Elyn
Heard from my bathroom-"Mommy, I need the shampoo for my body!" "You mean, soap?"-Nora
Rives-my hold daddy
Cut the end of rives pacis tonight (back in June). He tried to suck on it and said "broken"!!!! He told me to throw it away. Currently in his bed crying :(.  Lasted 30 minutes. Didn't cry again for them.

Nora just told me to wear something that looks like art work for tomorrow.
Nora, while looking at the ranch dressing jar....mommy, did you get this at Best Buy? (Best by 9/14/13)
Nora has a field trip to Spanish Treasure Caves....she told me she isn't good at Spanish
Rives had to go to time out tonight for throwing a screaming fit at dinner. Matthew plopped him down and walked away. He continued screaming, but stayed put. Nora looked at us and asked, "has he been practicing 'time out'?". We told her no and she said, "well, he sure knows what to do!"

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