Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why I love a vacation...

  • i don't have to clean my house
  • i don't have to clean the house that i am staying at
  • i do not have to plan/cook meals (all by myself anyways)
  • laundry is not that big of a deal
  • lots of playing during the day equals easy bedtimes
  • calories don't count :)
  • LOTS of quality time with my 3 fave people
  • reading, reading, reading
  • not as much t.v.
  • less time on the computer (i am going to have a lot of catch-up to do on my blogs next week!)
  • an excuse to sit outside and relax

just a few reasons i am loving my vacation so far

1 comment:

Kelli said...

Right there with you! Enjoy!

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