Thursday, July 08, 2010

I am NOT crazy about our computer!

If you have a new computer that you would like to GIVE me, I will take it off of your hands for you. BECAUSE


I have tried numerous times to upload pictures to various places and every single time, the computer shuts down.


I know that one of the main reasons that our computer is slow (or dying) is because of my 2,385,592 pictures that are housed inside it.

I have spent the past two days trying to convince Matthew that we are in desperate need of a new computer. He's not buying it.

Until I can get the picture situation resolved on this computer or one of you people send me a brand-new one, I will be posting picture-less.

About 20 people just clicked the red "x" at the top of their screen.

For the rest of you...

Potty-training bootcamp is still successful. Yesterday (day 3), Elyn had ZERO accidents. Yea Elyn! She was definitely ready! However, she did not poop yesterday. She wanted to, she told us she needed to, but she couldn't. Oh, and we left the house yesterday for several hours. NO ACCIDENTS!!!!! yea!

Today, we left the house for about 6 hours and went to several home improvement stores. We also visited the bathroom in several home improvement stores. (When our children are in the early stages of using the potty, we ALWAYS carry the portable potty with us in the car. That way when they say, "I need to go potty!" we don't have to say, "I know you have only been wearing panties for two days but can you try and hold it while we find an acceptable public bathroom for you to use?". We jerk the car to the side of the road and get her out of her carseat and plop her down on the potty faster than we can say "accident". It's probably not one of the things that I envisioned I would be doing 5 years ago.)

Anyway, while at one of the home improvement stores today, she pooped in her panties...after we had visited the restroom about 5 times. Poor girl, she really had to go, she knew she had to go, she just couldn't.

So, one accident today....that's still pretty good!

Tomorrow is a big day for Elyn. My friend, Tanya, is taking Elyn to get her nails done for reaching this milestone. We went to the beach with Tanya and her family. While we were there, Elyn made it abundantly clear that Tanya is her FAVORITE PERSON ON EARTH. She wanted nothing to do with Matthew or me while we were at the beach last week...only Tanya.

Tanya told me that she would love to take Elyn for a special day as a reward for her being potty-trained. I know Elyn is excited but I have a feeling Tanya is pretty excited too. She has two little boys, so days at the ballpark are more likely with them then days at a salon.

Tanya will take pictures, but you know, you may or may not be able to see them.

That's it for right now. We are still waiting on closings for our homes. We are having fun picking things out and dreaming of what is about to be. I think we are both ready to get things moving and start with the renovation process!


Karie said...

three words...external hard drive!

TeamBortzfield said...

DDHH do you have a zip drive you could copy your pics to to get them off the computer? Once you do that go to Best Buy or your hillbilly equivalent and tell them you need an extra memory card for your computer. It's like 60 bucks way cheaper than a new comptoir. That's french for computer. I've been reading too much fancy nancy. Take your laptop with you so you can show them. They love that, makes it easier for them and you won't have to go back and forth.
Way to go Elyn! and Dallas!

zrinka116 said...

if the pictures are causing problems, you can get an external hard drive to save them on and delete them off your computer. you can plug in the drive whenever you need the pics. just a thought =)

and now i see it has already been suggested ...

April said...

I was having the same problem with my computer..and like everyone else said EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. They are not that expensive either. My was maybe $40 and it had lOADS of memory.I do have a little thumb drive that I keep the ones I want to keep super a Sams Club run.

I am gaining confidence to start potty training my 2 year old now. Thanks!

Good luck! With both!!

Deborah said...

Dallas, I am so glad you have friends that know what kind of computer advice to give you! I am like you, in that I feel totally helpless when it comes to computer stuff. If a screen doesn't pop-up and tell me exactly what to do, I assume everything is broken. Hope yours isn't "broken" but simply needs an extra hard drive that people keep suggesting.

Oh, and WAY TO GO on the potty training!!

kio said...


Amy said...

My computer is totally in the same shape for totally the same reason. And I also have launched a campaign for a new one. It's not that I don't know what to do about moving photos to an external drive, it's just laziness. Best of luck to us both!

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