Thursday, January 18, 2007

Double trouble

I got to experience something with Nora this week that I have not experienced yet...a double ear infection! Poor girl, I didn't even realize that it was possibility. She had been coughing and had a TON of snot, which required me to pull out the torture device known as the "nose sucker" in the Henderson home. I thought I would take her to the doctor to see if he could give me anything for her cough. He looked in her ears and then looked at me and asked me if I was aware of her double ear infection., that's not why I brought her here. She had not run any fever, was barely crying, and hadn't pulled on her ears more than normal (she tends to pull on her ears when she is really tired). The picture is right before we went to the doctor. You can tell by looking at it that she doesn't feel well. Her eyes give it away...and her hair too. I don't know what happened to her hair yesterday! It didn't feel very good either :).

Two prescriptions later, we are on the road to recovery...hopefully!

It has been a very busy week in our house! I started back to teaching my graduate classes. I teach on Monday and Tuesday nights. On Monday's I have to drive about an hour, so it makes for a very long night! We had an ice storm here this weekend, so the drive Monday was even longer as I was on the lookout for "black ice".
Nora is wanting to pull up on everything so badly! If I stand her beside something, she will hold onto it forever, happy as a lark. She can get up on one leg, but can't figure out how to get her other leg into the standing position.

She will be 11 months old on Tuesday...I cannot believe it! She has a very fun personality. Some parts of her personality make me nervous though. This morning while I was getting ready, she was playing in the bathroom. I had already told her twice to stay away from the trashcan and had even moved it out of her way. I turned back toward the mirror (to apply the makeup which only takes 30 "getting ready" time has been dramatically reduced with a mobile kid) and saw her crawling toward the trash can again. Except this time, she was crawling towards it and keeping an eye on me...what a little sneak! What will her 2's be like?
January is quickly coming to an end...which 20's are also quickly coming to an end. I'm doing better and think that I will enjoy my 30's...okay, I just lied. I just typed a lie. I am sure that I will enjoy my 30's but can't make myself believe that. It's not like my 20's have been earth shattering. Yes, I did graduate from college, land a job, get married, have a baby, run 2 half-marathons, buy a house, buy a car (pre-marriage...I am proud of that one), graduate with my master's degree, move about a dozen times, begin teaching college classes, and many other great things. I know (in my head) that my 30's will also hold many exciting and probably better events, but I just have to get that through to my heart. I'm sure I will be posting about all of the birthday events (I don't think there are any...other than dinner with the family).

Stay is supposed to snow here again this weekend! Did hear something about global warming? Well, Al Gore hasn't told Arkansas about it.
*****I don't know why Blogger does not publish this in the format that I type it in! My spacing looked nothing like this and I definitely separated paragraphs! Grrrrrr!


Tesney said...

Same problem with blogger here...I get so annoyed. Nora is so cute. Clayton also pulls on his ears when tired. I get so sick of complete strangers telling me he has an ear infection all the time. I've made several phone calls to the ped. because I got so parnoid about it. He's snotty now too and he HATES the booger sucker (as do grosses me out more than earwax). After reading your post I'm thinking maybe I should get him checked out?

Jim and Sara said...

Nothing worse than ear infections. Poor Nora. Those eyes say it all.

By the way, your 30s are great years. Your mature and more established than ever before, and you still have good health and all the energy from your 20s.

And they made a cool TV show about us a few years ago...


Supabloggasuprememama said...

Bless her heart! I had an ear infection recently, and it REALLY hurt! So I can only imagine what babies go thru! awe! Shes so cute!

deborah said...

Hey Dallas, Deborah (Root) Bills here. I found your blog through Amy B. Your little Nora is beautiful and I love reading your blog-posts. I haven't caught up to the rest of the world in regards to blogging, but maybe I will some day. Blessings for your birthday!

AmyB said...

Thank you for your help with my book question. I have started reading "When Joy Came to Stay"...for some reason I kept coming back to it at the library. I am excited about reading the Redemption series. I should be finished soon with the book I am reading now and hope to start the next one.

I have been using the "booger sucker" on Isaac lately too. It is the most pitiful thing when I do because he hates it...he does kind of calm down quickly after when he realizes he can breathe (I know that he doesn't really realize it but I tell myself that while I am doing it so that I won't chicken out!). I hope she feels better soon!

Sandi said...

A note to all moms who need a tip for using the "booger sucker" on a wriggling child: a pediatrician friend taught us to hold the child's hands up over his head (with his arms to the side, covering his ears) -- then use the other hand to suction. It's hard to explain but works really well.

So sorry that little Nora has a DOUBLE ear infection -- I've never heard of such a thing!

And it's true, the 30s are not so bad. At least not the first 10 months, as I've found.

Julie said...

Poor Nora! I know those ear infections are painful! Bailey just recovered from his. The "nose sucker" is not popular in our house either! It's so hard to believe that Nora will be 11th months old tomorrow!

Heather said...

Blogger screws up my formatting everytime I post something. Poor little Nora. I hope she starts feeling better soon. My nephew has constant ear infections, so I know how bad the little ones feel with those.

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