Monday, May 14, 2007

A great weekend!

This was my second Mother's Day and it was great! It was a busy weekend, but my sweet husband and daughter truly made me feel special.
On Friday night, Kristy Brown and I chaperoned the "High School Girls Retreat". It was hot! I say this because the air conditioner in the place we were staying was broken. We think it may have been out of freon, but without any electrical training in our backgrounds, it is only a guess. It was about 10 degrees cooler outside than it was inside the entire time we were there. Other than the stifling conditions, the retreat was a good one. The girls really seemed to enjoy being together, talking, watching movies, eating, and sharing things on their hearts. I had a nice time talking, eating, and sharing things on my heart with Kristy. I am always amazed at how different things are now then when I was in high school. These girls seem so much more knowledgeable and gutsy. I would have never worn some of the things they pulled out of their suitcases when I was in high school. The main reason why... I wasn't ALLOWED to! And I am thankful for that now, because I will be able to say to Nora when she is begging to wear some skanky outfit, "Nope, I didn't get to either...sorry kiddo." We pulled back into the church parking lot Saturday evening, tired, hot, and kind of smelly. I had not showered and was looking forward to jumping in one.

Sunday morning, I woke up to a sweet little voice talking at 6:45 am. That is definitely not Nora's usual wake up is more like 7:30. But, I guess she was so excited about it being Mother's Day, she couldn't sleep one more second. Matthew went and got her and brought her to our room. She cuddled with me for about 1 second and then was ready to play.

My gifts were very special. I got two charms for my Pandora bracelet:

The charm with the "N" on it is from Nora and the baby carriage is from the baby.

Every year Nora writes me a letter, a tradition she started last year (obviously, Matthew started this tradition. He is an excellent husband!!!! When she is 12, however, he might have to threaten her with a grounding if she doesn't sit down and write the annual letter). The letter this year, just like last year's letter, made me cry.

We went to Fort Smith Sunday morning for church (Matthew's grandma and mom live there) and stayed for a family lunch afterwards. We had a great time and really enjoyed getting to see everyone. We were all pretty tired though when we got back home!

The evening was pretty low-key, a very light dinner and a nice family walk around the neighborhood.

All in all, it was a fantastic Mother's Day! I am so lucky that God chose me to be Nora's mommy and I am also blessed that God allowed me to share these experiences with Matthew. Thank you Matthew and Nora for making it a fantastic day! I love you both!


Jenn said...

That is soo thoughtful of Matthew, I mean Nora, to do!! What a sweet family....we are all so blessed, for sure!!!

Julie said...

You definitely have a sweet little girl (and husband).

Heather said...

That letter is the sweetest thing ever! What a great family. Your little one on the way is a lucky baby to have such a happy family.

Amy said...

Hey Dallas - I just saw that you have "Sunrise" listed under your list of books. I didn't know it was out yet! I'm going to have to order it tomorrow. I haven't read anything since Redeeming Love. I'm still letting it sink in. I think that was my favorite book ever. I also need to read the Mark of the Lions series. Keep adding to that list of books on your blog. I think we have the same taste. :)

Kim said...

Glad you had a nice time. I love the bracelet and the super sweet note from Nora. What an awesome keepsake.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

you guys have been so busy! sorry Im so behind, but have you found out what you're having yet??? leave it on my blog if you have!!! I couldnt remember...

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