Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where have all the fabric stores gone?

I am fabric no longer popular? Do people just not feel the need to sew any longer. Am I completely "uncool" by having a sewing machine and enjoying doing little projects? I didn't think so, but apparently Northwest Arkansas no longer thinks it is necessary to have fabric.

Our local Hancock Fabrics is going out of business. I didn't frequent it very often, but when they had a sale, I went and strolled down the aisles to see if I "needed" anything. Granted, the Hancock Fabrics in Rogers is not very big and the people working there sometimes needed a gun pointed directly at them to warrant any kind of customer service, but it was a good fabric store with all different types (cottons, upholstery, silks, etc.).

Another example of "fabric loss" is Wal-Mart!!!!!! Yes, the largest store chain in the universe is no longer carrying fabric! If your local Wal-Mart still has a supply, count your lucky stars. Our local (and newest I might add) Wal-Mart is always doing the annoying thing of moving EVERYTHING in the store around. Just when I think I could do my shopping with my eyes closed, they go and move the contact solution 3 aisles over...annoying! Well, the other day, Matthew needed some white fabric for a project he was doing in his classroom. I set out to snag some dollar fabric for him. When I got to the section where the fabric is, it was missing and in its place was a "party area" (think, helium balloons, birthday invitations, cup, hats, plates, etc...very nice if you are planning a party-which I was not). I thought, "Oh, great, they're moving things around again. Did they think the fabric would be better over by the eggs and butter. Are they thinking that if you bake surely you sew and it would be easier for you to grab a carton of eggs and a spool of thread at the same time? Genius!" But, I can't find the department anywhere. Finally, I gave up and found someone in a blue vest. She informed me that Wal-Mart stores are taking the fabric department OUT of all Wal-Marts! WHAT!!!!!!! I was very upset, where am I going to get my last minute fabric purchases, where can I find dollar fabric now, what about all the teachers who need fabric for bulletin boards, what about the people in charge of summer programs or VBS-where is the inexpensive fabric going to be?

So, if you are a seamstress or just enjoy looking at pretty fabrics, you might be "uncool". The world thinks so...all the fabric stores are slowly disappearing...just like a drive-in movie.


Deborah said...

Our Hancocks went out of business too, so it's prbably just a chain-thing.

I went to Wal-Mart this morning and EVERY time I finish in there, I get in the car and say, "Well, I think that was probably the last time for me." Yet, I keep going back!! What is it about that place? I still haven't figured out why the insecticides are one aisle over from the cheese and deli meat.

Sara said...

Hancocks is going out of business here as well.

Since I don't sew, I have no suggestions on where to get fabric!!

Summer Dale said...

It is so unfortunate to see the fabric stores going away. Walmart is always good for cheap ribbon and fringe as well.
I have found good prices for fabric online. I know that probably won't help in a pinch for a project, but places like Denver Fabric Company often have great prices and lot of selection.
Still it is so sad to think sewing may be a "lost art!"

Kim said...

2 of the 3 hancocks here are closing as well. And Walmart losing their fabric dept. is so sad like you said. It is good for cheap stuff and convenient since I am there often. It seems like I know a lot of people who sew, so I don't understand why they are getting rid of fabric. I have bought some stuff at J Caroline Creative online.

Jim Miller said...

Since I do all the sewing in our family, I typically get my fabric at Joann's in Knoxville.

The prices are good, and they offer a wide selection of styles and patterns.

Kidding. Obviously.

Jenn said...

We get ours from JoAnn's fabric, just like Jim Miller, I guess! Didn't know he was such a fabric fan...he he he...I'm with you on the Wal-Mart thing, though. They keep moving stuff around and then they got rid of the fabric dept. What is next? I have found some good deals on e-bay for fabric but that is if you have time to have it shipped and don't need it quick! Maybe you should open your own fabric store!!!

Dallas said...

I do know about Joann's, but we don't have any up here :(. It is a favorite fabric store of mine in Texas though. Thanks for the tips. I will definitely be investigating the online fabric shopping!

Julie said...

I don't need fabric very often, but when I do, I got to Wal-mart. I was very surprised to find out they no longer carry it!!

TDavis said...

Do y'all have Hobby Lobby? They have some fabric and tons of ribbon fringe, etc. I've also ordered online when I'm looking for something specific. I don't sew, but I love notions stores for some reason...I think because of the memories of going there with my grandmas...and I like to knit.

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

I was going to suggest Hobby Lobby as well, and they often have their fabrics on sale - check their website's weekly circular.


Jamie Chitty said...

sewing now??? i have to learn to sew to be a mom?? there are too many things i'm going to have to learn to do. geez, will you right a handbook for me so by the time i am a mom i will know all the things i need to learn? All you guys seem to have it down.

Karen said...

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