Friday, June 08, 2007

Starting our busy summer...

Well, it is looking like our summer is going to be super busy! Today was Matthew's first full day out of school and so far we have been to the first of 2 swim parties for the day. Tomorrow we leave for a fun-filled week at...CAMP TAHKODAH!!!!

We LOVE Camp Tahkodah! It is in our blood. We both started going to camp when we were 8 years old. We met at camp when I was 16 and Matthew was 18 and, 10 years later, we were married there. Matthew was the assistant director for several years and director for a year before we moved to Northwest Arkansas. We haven't been back for an extended stay in 3 summers, so we are looking forward to it. (The picture is from our wedding, I love the reflection off of the water! No, we did not exchange vows on the bridge and then jump in afterwards :), it was just a good photo op. before the actual ceremony began.)

Nora is going with us and I'm sure is going to stay very dirty most of the time. She is going to really enjoy all the dirt, rocks, sticks, and kids! I don't think she will go off of the rope swing this year, but maybe we can toss her off of the bridge :). If nothing else, I am sure she will take super naps!

We will be gone a week (although the session we are going to is a 2-week session, we will only be there the 1st week) and then Matthew will leave for Nashville, TN on the 2oth of June. He will be gone for 18 days! This is the longest that we have ever been apart in our marriage...I'm sad about that! He will going to TN to run a fireworks tent (for those of you in Gallatan, go to his tent to buy your 4th of July explosives). The money is good and with a 2nd baby entering our world soon, we can use it!

While Matthew is gone, Nora and I will be hanging out at home and helping with VBS at our church. The Thursday that VBS is done, we will be heading to Texas to visit my family. It will be nice to go and see them (and to get some help with Nora!). My mom has already scheduled swim lessons for Nora and I am sure we will do many other fun-filled things while we are there.

In July, we will mostly be at home (yea!). We are going to visit Matthew's mom for a few days and start getting organized for a new baby. We will be painting our front bedroom and re-doing the guest bathroom (to make it more "kid" friendly). We hope to be able to do all of our redecorating without giving away the sex of the baby...I think we can do it :).

I leave for my girl's weekend (in Nashville) the last weekend in July (soooooo looking forward to that!) and then when I get home, we are heading to Hattiesburg, MS to see Matthew's dad and going with the Brown family to Orange Beach, AL for a week (soooooooo looking forward to that also!). When we get back from the beach, Matthew starts back to school.

Whew! It is going to be a busy summer, but I'm really looking forward to it (minus the days away from Matthew)! I think Nora will be really fun this summer. She is already loving being outside (she is so tan already) and showing definite interest in our little swimming pool.

I'll update about camp when I return next week. I hope to have a lot of good pictures! Enjoy your week everyone. This picture has nothing to do with is just Nora enjoying her favorite afternoon snack...marshmallows. I know, I'm a horrible mom feeding her such an unhealthy snack, she eats vegetables all the time too! I just think her little grin is cute.


Julie said...

You're right, she is SO tan! Have fun at camp!

Ashley said...

I am looking forward to our girls' Nashville weekend also. If you get a spare moment in TX, call me and I'll try to come over with Ranger. I think he and Nora would LOVE playing together!!

~aj~ said...

I've just gotta say that your wedding photo is STUNNING!

Hope you have a great summer!

Cassie said...

I was baptized at Camp Tahkodah in the 9th grade. It also has a special meaning for me!! It is a wonderful place. Have a great time while you are there.

Oh I got Scott to go camping this weekend - only for one night but well worth it!!

Amy said...

Your summer sounds a lot like ours - busy. That's great you get to go home while Matthew is working. I'm sure Nora gets lots of attention and you get lots of resting time. I know you need it.
The wedding picture is beautiful!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

1. I love camp too. I grew up going. it was awesome. good for yall for going!

2. glad im not the only "horrible" mom out there who feeds her kid "crap"

Sara said...

Have fun!! I'm sure Nora will have a blast being outdoors.

TDavis said...

I went to camp every year from the time I was 5 till I was 21; first as a camper, then the lifeguard & counselor. I think I burned myself out because I'd rather go to an electrolysis appointment than have to go to camp again. I feel bad about it because I really used to love it. I think I'm old now. That and the fact that our camp has no AC. Reading about your fond memories makes me think I should give it another try...maybe when Clayton's old enough to go.

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