Sunday, June 24, 2007


This week is Vacation Bible School at our church. Matthew and I spent the majority of the time getting our room together. We actually spent more time than we should have...just a couple of over-achievers, I guess (not usually my style either!).

The theme is "From Grumble to Humble: A Journey with the Israelites". (I learned this week how Israelites is supposed to be spelled thanks to Kristy Brown. She said that the "el" represents God (as in El Shadai) and they are not separated. Thanks Kristy!) The room we were in charge of was "10 plagues". We divided a huge room into 8 sections and each section had a plague in it (we combined gnats and flies and locust and darkness). Tonight was the first run through and it went pretty well. The kids kind of went crazy when the got to the "Hail room". I was in the shadows and started throwing crushed ice at them. Pretty funny, but a little chaotic.

VBS runs through Wednesday evening and then Nora and I leave for Texas Thursday morning, bright and early. It should be interesting making the journey all by myself in the car, but I am hoping to leave early enough so that she sleeps and then borrow a friend's portable DVD player for a few minutes of entertainment for her. Usually she will only watch something for about 10 minutes before tuning it out and wanting to play with her toys.

Matthew is leaving before the sun even comes up Tuesday for Nashville...please keep him in your prayers as he travels and is away from us for 10 days. Also, that he does not blow up from being around the fireworks :).

I will try to post pictures of our VBS room soon!

Also, a prayer request, my mom has a friend whose daughter was pregnant with triplets. She delivered them yesterday at 24 weeks and 4 days. The boys (identical) all weighed in at around 1 pound and each was approx. 12 inches long. They have a long battle ahead of them! Keep that little family in your prayers (I believe their last name is Ice).

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