Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Birthday celebration

I have not been able to write about Nora's birthday until this minute because I have been busy taking care of a sick little girl. Sunday night, when we got home from our Bible study, Nora was running a fever. And she has been running a fever ever since. The Motrin is kicking in and she is playing with her toys right now. A few minutes to myself...ahhhhhhh.

Here are some pictures from Nora's party. We had a lot of family here: my mom and grandmother; Matthew's mom, stepdad, sisters, and grandma; "family" from our small group (our spiritual family, right Marshall?). It was a great party and I am so glad that it was low-key...those are the best kind!

Nora and Minnie, sleeping the night before her birthday. Minnie is so excited that she can't sleep :). Actually, Nora woke up several times Friday night talking. I told Matthew she must have been excited. Obviously a joke since she didn't really know what was going on.

Nora playing with her Dora house the morning of her birthday. This Dora house was a huge blessing. Our friend, Connie, was getting rid of some of the toys in her house that her daughter had outgrown. She thought of us and we set it aside for Nora's birthday.

My mom got Nora an outdoor playhouse for her birthday. We set it up in the living room for her to play with and then we were going to move it outside before the guests arrived. Um...it didn't fit through the door, so we kept it in the living room and the kids played in it.

We had Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast...keeping with the theme of the day.

"Let's get this party started! I'm ready!"

Waiting for everyone to arrive

Nora and Gibson having a great time in the playhouse...glad it wouldn't fit through the door!

John David, Nora, and Gibson playing in her room (don't you love how they are interacting with each other :)...each one is in his/her own world)

I did NOT make this cake!

She had just blown out the candle

Trying to show us that she is "2". It's hard to get those fingers in position!
Opening presents (I decided after seeing all the pictures that I HATE my hair and I am definitely looking for something different...maybe grow it out? Whatever, I am ready for something new and for a brand new color!)
Loving opening her presents!

The ONLY family picture that was taken the entire day. Pitiful! I do not usually dress my children in "character outfits". Nora's birthday outfit was a present from her Nonna and she loved it. And trying to get Elyn into the spirit, I gritted my teeth and purchased her the outfit she is wearing. It has a picture of Minnie on it...at least the ruffles are cute!
There are a ton more pictures on Flickr. Go there if you would like to see them all.

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Whitney said...

What a cute party! The cake is FABULOUS!!! I also love that you stuck with the theme all day long with the pancakes for breakfast- you're such a good mommy!

Heather said...

Cute pictures! By the way, I think your hair looks great!

April said...

I'm loving the outdoor playhouse being indoors!!! How incredibly fun for all the kids! It looks like a very fun and successfully Birthday party with lots of fun memories made to be treasured. Even though you do not like the character themes...you did a really good job with it! Looks cute. :)

Sandi said...

Happy late birthday, Nora!

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