Monday, February 18, 2008

New do? Oui!

I decided to see how Nora's hair would do in french you can see, it does pretty well. She was surprisingly calm and still while I did this. Maybe it was because she was enraptured by something on t.v. at the time. This will NOT be an everyday event, in fact, it hasn't happened since I did this on Friday.

The girl has a cowlick that is fierce! Just like her mama.
Not wanting to leave Elyn out, I decided to give her a new "do" also
No more comb-over for her!

In an unrelated note, thank you for all of the helpful touristy tips regarding San Fransisco. Amy, I have ordered a red map and think I will love it! You didn't let me down, my blogging friends.
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Whitney said...

Both of the new do's are great- but I especially got a kick out of Elyn's! :)

donna said...

one of my favorite things to do was playing w/ ya'll's hair . . . but putting yours in braids was one of GM's favorite things to do! I wasn't very good at braids!

I love Elyn's hair in the pony!

The Murray Crew said...

Those braids take me back...Oh the days of tight french braids and no hair in my eyes. Miss it!
I don't think the boys will be up for braids...SAD!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

oh goodness! how fun! I can't wait to do such fun dos on emerson! you did a great job!

Summer said...

Nora's hair is just precious in braids. I am impressed she will let you do it while she is still so young. You have to start them early!!!

Ashley said...

I'm impressed! I hope I can fix Lucy's hair cute, if she ever gets it! Elyn has a ton of hair! Lucy had some at birth, but she is as bald as ever now!

Sandi said...

The French braid is so cute! I bet that if you don't do it too often, she really will sit for you to do it. Good braiding!

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