Monday, October 27, 2008

My two left feet...

I did something today that I rarely do.

I went shoe shopping.

At Wal-Mart.


I remember the days when my shoe shopping consisted of ONLY Nine West stores and the woman's shoe department of Dillards.

Those were good days. And my feet were much more comfortable.

While I was shopping for my weekly groceries this morning, with only ONE child, I thought, "Hey, I just picked up a printer cartridge and conveniently, the electronics section is located right next to the shoes. How appropriate. Well, let me go down the shoe aisles and see if anything catches my fancy..."

I have been looking for a pair of casual black shoes. Since I was at Wal-Mart I figured casual wouldn't be a problem.

I was right.

I came across this pair and they were available for the low, low price of $13.

I did not try them on in the store for two reasons:
1. There was not a friendly saleslady waiting to assist me, with miniature pantyhose for my foot. How I can be expected to try on footwear without assistance? I was never asked to do this at Nine West or Dillards.
2. I feel funny about trying on shoes one aisle away from the dairy section.

Because I did not try the shoes on while I was shopping, I missed out on something pretty important...

Did you see it?

Two left shoes.


But, that's not the only problem...
Two different sizes.

If you keep up with my blog, you will remember that I USED to wear a size 8 shoe. Having children has stretched them out. I forgot this while shopping and picked up an "8" box.

Oh, well, doesn't seem like much of an issue now, does it?

I think I am just going to save my money and shop where I do not have to check the contents of the box.
Some lady with a mini pantyhose does it for me.
I will be getting $13 put back in my checking account tomorrow morning.
I feel sorry for the person that picks up my shoe box tomorrow night.
Although, if she has two left feet that are different sizes, she will be excited!
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Danna Ramsey said...

I needed a good belly laugh!!!!!

Sara said...

Sadly I've also recently succumbed to buying shoes at Walmart and even more depressing I buy the Dr. Scholl's brand. Actually the sandals I bought were really cute and quite supportive. Yes, I am buying shoes that are supportive!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

oh wow. I totally remember those fabulous indulgent days of nine west and dillards as well. now, whenever I do rarely venture into those monsters of department stores, I find myself gawking at the prices. WOMP WOMP. sorry for your left foot loss. ;) I guess what they say is true: you get what you pay for??? if thats the case, then I'm screwed for being a cheapskate.

Jenn said...

You are so funny, Dallas. I have gone the other way....I've never bought shoes anywhere but Payless and Wal-mart until the past few years. Having a sister that is a Dillard exect. is a nice perk (great discount) and I just figure that I deserve to look good one day a week (Sunday) with real clothes, actual make-up and nice nice shoes. I have a pair of red heels that I bought a few months ago that make me feel like a super model....Yes, and I have 3 kids! Just call me Heidi Klum! HA!!

Kim said...

That's hilarious!

Amy said...

I had a similar thought the other, remembering shopping at clothing stores where the saleslady neatly folds and wraps your purchases in tissue paper.
And now a bored sixteen year old Target worker wads up my new shirt and stuffs it the bag with my deorderant and Halloween candy.

Whitney said...

HILARIOUS! That's what you get for shopping for shoes at Wal-Mart... JUST KIDDING!

Nicola said...

One of the funniest posts I've read in a long time!! Thank you!

Amy said...

Baby Number 3 will push you right over to size 9 land. Enjoy those 8.5s while you have them!

Derek and Michelle said...

That is the funniest thing ever.

Dallas said...

HA HA HA!!! You are great!! Thanks for sharing- I was needing a good laugh!

Summer said...

This story made me laugh!!! Oh, the perils of being a mom. How is it that we tell ourselves that shopping with only one kid is "easy" and that it is "our day off?"
I hope you find some great shoes!

Mary Jo said...

ok, here is the answer.... TJ MAXX!! it is the perfect solution! To make you jealous I now live by a Nordstroms Rack. :)

April said...

I love it! Two left shoes and two different sizes...that's just hysterical...and what's funnier is the time and money you were "saving" by doing that...only to have to spend more time and energy in returning them. Oh, the irony of life. I hope you find a great pair of shoes! Let us all know if/when you do. ;)

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