Thursday, November 04, 2010

High waters

530129Last week (or maybe it was earlier this week, I CANNOT remember time these days) I went through our fall/winter tubs to change the girls clothes out.

That job is a BEATING!  (If we have a third girl I do not even want to think about the sheer amount of Rubbermaid tubs Matthew is going to haul down from the attic.  Although, if we have a boy, I do not even want to think about all the tubs Matthew is going to have to haul down from the attic for me to go through and figure out what to give away/consign/keep….I’m tired thinking about both options.)

Elyn is a SOLID 3T right now, they fit her perfectly.  (Which makes me a little nervous, because are they going to be too small by February when I still need them to fit…vicious cycle).  Anyways, she has approximately 500,000 pieces of clothes to choose from.  Between all of Nora’s clothes, hand-me-downs and a few that still have tags, she is set for the fall/winter…unless, of course, she has a crazy growth spurt and we have to open up the 4T tubs.

I asked Matthew to get down the fall 4T tubs down for Nora because I was sure she would still be able to wear a few things.  I went as far to get them out of the tubs, fold them and PUT THEM AWAY.

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

This morning I went to get the girls dressed in their “new” clothes and discovered that just about EVERYTHING I had pulled out for Nora was several inches too short.  Awesome.

Nora has approximately 5 things to wear now.

Bless her heart.

Good news though, she will now get all new things (well, all new to her…I’m sure Goodwill and Helping Hands has some gently loved clothing items that will work perfectly for her).

My mom came to the rescue when she hit up a Carter’s outlet today.  Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that Nora deems them “beautiful”.  Because heaven help us all if she doesn’t think they are pretty.  Sigh.

Now it looks like two girls are having trouble getting dressed each morning.  Nora and her mama (although only one of us has a growing stomach problem that contributes to the clothing dilemma).

High waters are no fun!

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