Friday, May 13, 2011


When we moved to our new house last summer, we upgraded BIG TIME in terms of a yard.  Our old house had sufficient yard for what we needed, but it was always our desire to have a bit of land for our girls to run around on and have the “country feel”.

Well, we now have 2.25 acres and we LOVE it!  We also have a million trees.  Most of them were damaged in an ice storm a few years ago and no one took the time to shape them back up.  That’s our early fall goal.

The leaves were insane in November and twenty people wielding rakes still wouldn’t have made a dent in the brown leaves. We hired some friends to come and mulch them for us and make me not scared to walk around in the backyard and get attacked by snakes.

Well, with all of the rain we have had this spring, I’m sure you can imagine how high our weeds have been (because really, that is what our yard consists of right now…sporadically dotted with tufts of grass).

(Project Yard is scheduled for next spring/summer)

I have no idea how long it would take to mow our yard with a push mower…I’m guessing 5 to 6 hours.  And that’s probably a low estimate.  Matthew wasn’t looking forward to devoting that amount of time to mowing weeds.

We bit the bullet and invested in a riding lawn mower.  It’s kind of like we live on a farm-ha!  The lawn mower is also referred to as Nora and Elyn’s future car.


Let me say, a riding lawn mower is AWESOME!  Matthew knocked out our yard in about an hour and a half…the entire thing!  And he was able to do it in the semi-darkness because, guess what, it has HEAD LIGHTS!

He LOVES it!


He had a little spring in his step when he parked the mower in the garage (ahem, the ONLY “vehicle” that resides in our garage right now…along with a TON of tools, plywood, wainscoting, sheet rock, two sinks, a toilet and about a million other “home improvement” goods).  He said he felt like he was at camp-the ultimate happiness for my husband.  I didn’t even care how much that mower cost after he said that…it’s like this guy and his mower:


He loves it so much, if you needed your lawn mowed, he might do it for free.  (I haven’t actually asked Matthew about that, but if Forrest can do it, why can’t he-ha!).

Welcome newest Henderson…the craftsman.

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Notsopc said...

Oh my I had to laugh at this.. We just got the new addition.. We bought one from Lowes and it was awful.. For the bucks you pay it should work. so we sent that back and got a John Deere.. He's so happy.. My son-in-law got one like yours..His yard is bigger than ours.. I hope your husband has years of happiness..

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