Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny girls

I'm sure everyone thinks their kids are hilarious. So, I am no exception. Our girls make us laugh everyday. I'm sure God gives kids a special funny bone to make up for the trials and tribulations that also accompany the everyday life.

Here they are, being amusing. In my eyes anyway.

Oh, and if you are going to judge me and my "lived-in" house, that's just fine with me. We live's not a museum. Phew. Wanted to get that off of my chest, I get a little paranoid about putting up pictures when I have an obviously messy house in the background. But, I'm human and don't walk around with a broom in my hand.

Okay, now to the reason of the post.

Nora brought each and every piece she is wearing to us to help her get dressed. Our little fashionista.

Elyn discovered the other baby in the glass the other day. Every time she crawls up to the fireplace and sees her reflection she starts screaming at it. Apparently she doesn't want anyone else invading her space.

This is just sweet. When Nora was gone, visiting her Gram and Grandpa, we lost Elyn at one point. This is where we found her. In Nora's room, unmaking her bed. She missed her sister.
Okay, the next two pictures are pretty funny. I brought the exercaucer back into the house the other day (yes, I had taken it to the garage because I am TIRED of the floor space it takes up and, although it is a nice island to put Elyn in while I am treading the waters of the kitchen, I am sick and TIRED of it...back to the story). When I brought it back in, the wrong child took interest in it. I looked up and saw Nora had climbed into it. Check out her legs...hahahahahaha! Seeing her in it reminded me of one of her first times in the exersaucer...

Here she is, June 2006. Check out those legs...they don't even touch the bottom. And her hair looks like a helmet.
Elyn playing with the teeth from Mr. Potato Head. I snapped the picture 1 second too late. You can imagine how funny she looked 1 second before I captured this memory.This is how Elyn enjoys the excersaucer. Silly girl.

And finally, again with the excersaucer (why did I ever put it in the garage?). Nora feels like Elyn does not have enough stimulation with the attached toys on the saucer, so she is constantly piling others on top of her. Sometimes it's like "Where's Elyn?". Poor kid.

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Whitney said...

Okay, did I miss the pictures of your "lived in" house? You're crazy!!! The pictures are cute- I especially love the one of Nora in the exersaucer! I just borrowed one from Kristen's for Austin- he seems to like it so far (but I agree, I HATE how much room it takes up.) Plus, I'm a little anal about having too much "baby" stuff cluttering my house! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think you remember me from Harding, I was friends with Jeff Veal. Anyways, I came across your blogspot through friends and saw the picture of Nora wearing the minnie mouse ears. My little girl is having a mickey mouse birthday party and I love the ears. Where did you find them? Love the pictures.
Alison Turner McQueary

Amy said...

NICE messy house. I'm going to privately e-mail you some pics of what a messy house looks like. I am sure your house could be on the Parade of Homes, Martha.

Marty Rhea Hill said...

you are so funny, dallas hill. i mean henderson.

April said...

Alright. Elyn missing Nora is too pityful! Our kids would miss each other if separated, too. Mackenzie really is a live security net for Josiah...hey, better than a blanket, right?! Ha. I'm glad the girls are back together! :)

I love the pics of both girls and the exersaucer. We have very similar pics. Makes for some fun memories.

I, too, missed the pics of your "messy" house. If you think ANY of those pics appeared messy, you'd be mortified to see mine at times! ;)

Kristen OQ said...

To go along with Whitney's comment, we just got the exersaucer out of the attic for Austin to use. I cleaned it all and had it sitting by our front door when I heard Seth screaming...he had gotten in it (at its lowest leg setting) and couldn't get out. They both wanted to know what other fun toys I had in the attic for them to play with! Who knew an exersaucer would be a fun toy for a 5 and 3 year old!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

oh my, I am totally disgusted with your lived in house. I mean who lives in houses anymore? it's sooo 2002...;) Your gals are precious. LOVE those pics, and your house looks great.

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