Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Disney Day Two-Magic Kingdom

Day two started bright and early!  We had a breakfast scheduled for 8:05 with the princesses at Magic Kingdom.  Since we weren’t staying at one of the Disney properties it was recommended to give ourselves at least 40 minutes to get from our resort to the entrance of MK.  That was good advice!

Before we left Arkansas, I let the girls pick out which princess dresses they wanted to wear to the breakfast.  Elyn chose Cinderella and some jewelry and Nora chose the Tiana dress (from Princess and the Frog) with the Cinderella crown and some jewelry.  I wanted to fix her hair so that it looked pretty with the crown but she told me it was the “most beautiful” down.

I picked my battle and let her wear her hair down…she was happy!

Here are the princesses, riding the monorail to Magic Kingdom.


Meeting Cinderella for the first time!  It was pretty magical!


Elyn is showing Cinderella the ring that she brought.  It has a picture on it of the princesses…she was so proud of it!  (Side note: I had asked Elyn the night before, at our character meal with Mickey and the gang, if she was going to be afraid of the princesses at breakfast.  She looked at me and said, “No because they are PEOPLE!!!!”  Ha ha!  Yep, you’re right!)


Every time we walked into a park, a worker would have the girls Mickey stickers.  I love how Nora strategically placed her stickers on her Tiana dress that morning when we entered the park.


Love this picture!!!!!!!!!!


Looking down at Cinderella as we climbed the staircase to breakfast.


While we were eating, the princesses came out and went around to all the tables to talk to the little girls.  Nora and Elyn could barely eat their breakfasts because of the excitement.


This was actually the same Sleeping Beauty who we had seen the day before and she remembered Nora and Elyn.  I have told everyone that she just remembered that they had a crazy big pregnant mom who was waddling around after them-ha!


ARIEL!!!!!  They were so excited to see her!


We were a little disappointed that Belle wasn’t in her yellow dress, but she was still lovely.


After all the princesses had made an appearance, they had the girls get their wands (and boys, their swords) and their wishing stars and make a wish.  Here is a video of it…please ignore the horrible videography.

Our waitress.  She was so kind to the girls.  After we got this picture (I must have been standing at the time), she looked at me and said, “Oh, I didn’t realize you were pregnant (yeah, right!).  What are you having?”  We told her we were having a boy and she went and got him a sword and a wishing star too..so nice!


The dining room


Walking back down the stairs after our breakfast…there were little stain glass windows like this one all over the place.


We LOVED the princess breakfast!  If you have girls who love the Disney princesses, this is a fabulous meal!  The meal itself was actually pretty tasty too!  It was so neat to actually go up into Cinderella’s castle instead of just walking through.  This is a meal that books up very quickly!  I booked ours back in October!

We finished breakfast a little before 9am (those Disney people get you in and get you out!) and headed straight for the rides that were on our “must do” list.  We had planned on grabbing some Fast Passes for a few of the rides (based on recommendations from the books and forums).  Well, we were at the park so early that there was a ZERO minute wait for the majority of our rides we wanted to do!  Key: get the parks VERY early and you will not have to wait long…and you’ll beat the heat!

We were able to ride, all before 10am-Peter Pan’s Flight (Nora’s favorite), Tea cups (Elyn’s favorite but she called them “Dizzy cups”-so cute!), Buzz Lightyear ride, Pooh and Friends ride, the Speedway.


I figured the other pictures were pretty self-explanatory…this one is at the Speedway.


Then it was time to wait in line to see Tiana!


After changing clothes we went to wait in line for the Dumbo ride.  Thankfully, Pinocchio was waiting nearby and we were able to get his autograph and picture too.  (Nope, no Elyn.)


Wow, it got warm…look at Nora’s cheeks!


Matthew and Nora rode the Dumbo ride together…see-ha!


My mom had joined us again by this point and rode Dumbo with me and Elyn.


Next up, carousel!


On our way out of the park, we spotted a parade.  It was a pretty cute one…they invited all the parade watchers into the streets with them to dance…but it was hot and the girls were TIRED!


On the monorail back to the parking lot.  Look at Nora’s “crying” eyes…she was pretty tired!  The frozen lemonades they are drinking were helping out the cause some.


After a THREE HOUR NAP, we were ready to head back to MK.  It’s amazing what a good nap will do for morale!

Nora and the mouse ears she chose.  Elyn chose the same ones but wouldn’t pose for a picture…sigh.  Oh, and she got two new stickers.


We had a tour of the Swiss Family Robinson tree house…I used to just LOVE that movie!


Waiting in line for Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride…see the teeth?


We had a hot dog dinner with my mom and then headed over to get our place in line for the light parade…it is insane how early you have to claim a spot to get a decent view of the light parade!

Thankfully, we got to wait for the parade with Gibson!!!!!!!  We were lucky that the Graham’s were at DW at the same time we were!  We only got to see them for a few hours but it was a fun time!  (Most pictures stolen from Michael-thanks!)



I sat on the ground because the belly and I were in the way…here is my mom and Matthew taking picturesIMG_0392

Watching the light parade…


Hilarious picture that Michael took…I am as excited as the girls are about the light parade-hahahahaha!


I am pretty sure this was Elyn’s reaction when Captain Hook and the pirate ship drove by-ha!


After the Light Parade, we all moved a few feet toward to castle to get ready for the light show/fireworks show…

The mob of people…


So, so pretty!!!!


Three silly girls


The lightshow on the castle was probably one of our favorite things to see!  Disney sure knows how to do things the right way!


Elyn had a great view of the fireworks…on Matthew’s shoulders!


This is how Nora watched the fireworks…and they were not loud either-ha!


After the fireworks show, my mom headed back to our hotel and we went with the Graham’s to ride our two favorite rides one more time…

Peter Pan’s Flight


and the Teacups…



We left the park around 11:15 and got the girls bathed and in bed by 12:30…phew.  Another great, jam packed day!

Day 3-Animal Kingdom!


Holly Aytes said...

Looks like lots of fun! Our 2 days at MK were packed too! We didn't do any character meals....looking back I wish we had. That is on the agenda for next year. Peter Pan's Flight was a favorite ride of all of us...we rode it numerous times. And yes, you have to get in line crazy early for the parades. When we went my parents went also and my dad isn't able to walk well anymore so he had a ECV and they have a special section at the parades for those with disabilities and we were able to sit with them. They really do know how to be nice down there.

Rachel said...

Hi Dallas and family! I just recently discovered and started following your blog...and I LOVE it!!! I've been reading about your trip to Disney World and it sounds like it was incredible. The girls are SO beautiful, Dallas and Matthew...and Dallas, you look gorgeous. I can't wait for the new Baby Henderson to arrive! Love to you all. Rachel (Henderson :-) )

TeamBortzfield said...

It's so funny that the things you cover here were my favorites as a 9 year old. We had dinner at Cinderella's castle, rode Peter Pan's flight and saw the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. We were there in 87 and all over the park they were celebrating the park's 15th birthday! I can't wait to take Chloe!

Notsopc said...

I loved the pictures and was reminded of being there way way back when.. Peter Pan was my favorite and Swiss Family Robinson.. I have pictures of my niece and I riding Dumbo when she was four. She's now 43. yeah a long time ago..
Have fun the rest of the time..

Traci said...

Dallas, you look adorable but I bet you were HOT! :)
I'm sad that we missed Kylie's princess days but I'm sure we will have fun anyways. Oh, LOVE Nora's stickers! Hilarious!

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