Monday, January 16, 2012

It's really January?????

Because today is Martin Luther King, Jr day and he had a dream that all families spend the day together, we did!

We got up this morning and took a family "run". I was super impressed with my girls! (Rives took the lazy way out and lounged in the stroller the entire time.). Nora rode her scooter for almost 3 miles and Elyn ran/walked for the same distance. Way to go girls! They will be running literal circles around me very soon! Ok, who am I kidding....they already do!

After the exercise, Matthew and Rives went for a haircut (Rives' fourth!)

Such a cute kid!

After lunch, we came home and Matthew and the girls went outside to rake leaves and dump them in the ditch by our house:

I cannot believe it is the middle of January!

I really, really, really love a snow day. Not 11 snow days, but at least one or two. With the way the weather has been acting lately, my snow days don't look like they are going to happen, sigh.

We are enjoying our time outside though....even if it's the leaves we are playing in and not the snow.

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