Monday, May 13, 2013

It's hard to do warm weather things when the weather is still cold

Matthew and the girls ran in the Gold Rush Race for the second year.  Last year the weather was nice and toasty, this year, not so much...
They were troopers and ran the entire time (only doing the one mile run this year after an unplanned fall in the 5K, last year, that resulted in Matthew carrying Elyn a portion of the route).  I was super proud of them, especially Elyn since she did no "training".

Here they are crossing the finish line:
 Nora's friends that participated in the race too...
 The next morning, we had soccer games.  This is a picture of how I felt about the games...
 Rives was miserable too.  I don't know if he was miserable because I had him wear pink gloves or because it was 38 degrees.  Regardless, we were both ready for the final whistle to be blown!

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