Saturday, July 22, 2006

Where's a professional photographer when you need one?

I am a LAME picture taker apparently. After I got home from my wonderful few days in Alabama with my friends, I realized that I did an awful job taking pictures! I only got one of my friends in a picture and didn't even get all of the kids. I have put out an S.O.S. to all the other ladies in hopes of retrieving some of their photos.

Nutshell: we had a great time, but have decided that our next Girls event is going to be adults only! Trying to time naps, running around after youngsters, and having 8 happy children at one time is nearly impossible! Don't get me wrong, a good time was had by all, but we have decided to have a more relaxing visit next time.

The plane rides with Nora weren't so bad. The ones on Monday were a dream, she hardly cried and actually slept most of the way. On Thursday she did fantastic on the first leg of the journey. On the very last one though, she melted. She was screaming at me, "Hey, mom! I am so tired of these stinking planes! When are we going to get home already? I miss dad and am STARVING TO DEATH. To let you know how upset I am with you, I am going to cry as loud as I can for the next 45 minutes. Oh, yeah, those newlyweds sitting next to you are going to think twice before they start having kids." Seriously, the two sitting next to us were obviously coming back from some tropical island and couldn't keep their hands to themselves. My little girl fixed that though. As soon as she started crying, no more PDA...way to go Nora.

I am uploading my GW pics to Flickr (the few that I have) and hope my friends come through for me with some more pictures. We're glad to be home but I can' t wait to see my friends again!

Tess Magar, Marley Gustafson, and Andrew Martin

Tess Magar

ethan, nora, and addie
Ethan and Addie Echols (and Nora)

Nora 01
Nora Henderson

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Tesney said...

I've found it's really hard to remember to snap pictures with a squiggly baby on your hands. I get so mad at myself for forgetting. My camera is always in my diaper bag so you'd think I could remember to get it out! The pictures you did get were adorable!

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