Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just keep your mouth CLOSED!

****Disclaimer-This is a picture of me 22 weeks pregnant with NORA. I had just started wearing maternity clothes a few weeks before and was super proud to show off my "bump"**** Now, onto my ranting...

I am sick and tired of hearing the following:

-When are you due? October? Oh my goodness, do you think you will be able to make it that far? Your belly is really big!

-Not long now! Oh, you still have 12 weeks? Wow (confused look on stranger's face)!

-Are you sure there is just ONE baby in there?

-Only 19 months apart!!!!! Good luck with that one! Are you going to try and have her potty-trained by then? (The answer, by the way, is NO! Are you kidding me?)

I am sick and tired of perfect strangers thinking they have some sort of right to tell me that 1. I am look like I am 12 months pregnant and 2. that my life is now over because I am going to have 2 children under the age of two. Back off people!

This pregnancy has definitely given me a run for my money! First of all, it was completely unexpected! I have never been more surprised to see 2 pink lines in my life. I was so shocked in fact, that I spent a few weeks crying on and off. If I had it my way (and I don't, thank you God for knowing me and your plan for my life better than I ever will!), Nora would have been out of her crib, eating by herself with a fork, potty trained, and not attached to her pacifier before we threw another kid into the mix. Didn't work out that way though. Complete strangers...stop judging me...

Secondly, my stomach is WAY bigger this time around than it was with Nora. Someone recently told me that it takes 2 years for the uterus to shrink back to its original size after a pregnancy. Obviously, mine never made it there...I only gave it an 11 month hiatus. I have been "showing" since the little stick confirmed my pregnancy (at least that is what it feels like!). The scales have been kinder to me this time. I have not gained as much weight (not to say that I won't eventually pack it on...I mean, I still have 2 1/2 months to go!), but that does not seem to affect my belly. Each time I go to the doctor, I measure 3 weeks ahead of what I actually am. However, the baby is measuring EXACTLY to the day. I don't understand it. Complete strangers...I don't look at you and point out your enormous bottom or crooked teeth or bad hair...why do you pick on me?

Okay, that's enough for tonight...I feel much better!


Sarah said...

That was a really funny post. I think you look amazing! I think you will be a great mom to two kids. Even if they are young. Hannah Joneshill has you beat with 3 kids under the age of 3.

Sara said...

It is so true how complete strangers (especially in Wal-mart) will just say the first thing that pops in their head.

I enjoyed reading your venting! You'll do great with two kids and knowing you, I'm sure you look fabulous!

aprillong said...

Dallas, that was hysterically funny. I completely understand. Mackenzie and Josiah are 21 months apart. Yes, they were planned that way. But, also, yes, Mackenzie was still in diapers and very attached to her pacifier when we added Josiah to the mix! I won't tell you that you have a cake-walk ahead of you, but I will say that by the time your youngest is about 13 months, they may start entertaining each other and playing together quite nicely. (Which you will find as a huge relief after all the refering!) Just think...they will be able to do the same things at the same stage throughout their growing up years. Just hang in there through the first year or so! :) I truly enjoyed reading this blog.
April Watson

Jenn said...

HAAA....can you hear me laughing from there? Oh, I so am with you girl! My favorite line was one that people from church would say (yes, my friends, from church, no less...)
"You are still here? I thought you were due last look like you are going to pop!"
POP? What in the world kind of commment is that? And why would you make it to a clearly VERY pregnant woman.
All I have to say can eat ANYTHING you want and you can eat ANY amount that you want and enjoy it!! I'm with you in the AMEN corner, Dallas...we other mothers out there...we got your back! :)
Oh, and Parker is a Vegas surprise, too...What happens in Vegas does NOT always stay in Vegas. We are proof of that! Suprises are God's blessings!!! :)))

Desiree said...

God always has amazing things planned. I'm on the other end of the spectrum-people keeping commenting on how far apart mine will be! I think you look beautiful and by the way -my secret to not looking too big yet is that I gained 20+ lbs over the last 2 years-so I started out this big-it just looks natural now.

Melissa said...

Hey I have 2 kids under 9 mos so I am not going to say a thing! Isn't it amazing what people will say. And still to this day they feel they can still give advice. And like Sara said...ESPECIALLY in Wal-Mart. Are Target shoppers so nosey?

Suzanne said...

oh my gosh..laughing out loud. you tell em, woman! that is so ridiculous and frustrating. i think you look GREAT! i'm so glad that i'm stuck in the hospital and don't have to hear stupid stranger comments! i don't do well with them. especially when the majority of the time, strangers would randomly tell me about how they miscarried all of their multiples (when they would find out that i was carrying quads)..i mean...JEEZ people! come on! the comment that used to bother me the most when people found out i was having quads was: "did you use fertility drugs?" (yes, but the lowest dose of clomid on our first trial run..which does NOT cause quads!) to which they would reply "oooh" (like, well...there ya go, dummy!) arghhh!!!

Amy said...

Looks like you struck a nerve with a lot of us. I got so many comments about how big I was when pregnant with Luke.
I'm continually amazed how many people volunteer their tips for when you should have children--as if we are complete control of that!
I frequently am told I need to "hurry up and have another." Drives me crazy!

Matthew said...

My wife knows how you feel, she just had our second baby four weeks ago.

AmyB said...

My favorite is the spectrum of comments you get, for example, the "you are going to pop" to (at 9 months pregnant) "I didn't even realize you were pregnant"...and these are people I would see at least once a week! I never knew quite how to take things so usually I would just smile...with Isaac I stopped getting out as much and that definitely made things easier! :) Hang in there! We have talked about this I know but I LOVE having my first two 18 months apart. It has its challenges...but they are really starting to be little friends (for about 45 minute spurts! heehee) :)
What a blessing!

Ashley said...

I hear ya, girl! Well, Ranger will be about 6 weeks shy of age 2 so I'll be there with ya. One thing I get tired of is everyone asking "Is it your first?". And then since it's not, it's not as special or something. I can't wait to talk pregnancy in person in just 10 days!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

OH HONEY!!!!! I COMPLETELY FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! AMEN SISTAH!!!!! let me tell you, that pic of you at 22 weeks is me at 12 this second time around! ugh! I feel like a stretched out punchy ball balloon. and its perfectly normal and okay and everyone can BACK THE FREAK OFF!!!! im just glad im not the only one that feels that way!!!

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