Sunday, July 22, 2007


I was tagged by Amy S. Thanks!

Firsts and lasts:

First Memory - When my sister was born and going to the hospital to see her. I was 2 1/2.
First Real Kiss - Travis Engel from church...I was a freshman in high school
First Love - Matthew Henderson-seriously!!!! I was 16 years old.
First concert - My first "real" concert was a Dixie Chicks concert about 9 years ago. I went to a ton of college concerts, but never anything really big. I know, I was a dork!
First thought in the morning - Lately it has been...Wow! She sure slept a long time last night!
First Best Friend - Karie Fouts...we met when we were both 8 years old at camp and have been friends since then (22 years!)
Last food you ate - A piece of chocolate cake tonight at Bible Study
Last CD purchased - A worship kids CD
Last good book you read - Ughhh...I can't remember the name of it, but it was the last book in a series by Beverly Austin. If I wasn't being lazy right now, I would go look it up. Maybe later.
Last time you cried - Today! Nora accidentally hit me in the eye with one of her toys and it hurt soooooo bad. I'm surprised there is not a huge bruise. She started crying too when she saw how upset I was...poor kid!
Last "I love you" said - To Nora when I said good a few minutes I will tell it to Matthew because we are about to go to bed too.
Last funny thing you did - Hard one! I am extremely funny-but I'm usually the only one who really thinks so. I'm sure I did a million funny things today...I made Nora laugh a ton!

Okay, I now tag...Sara, Jennifer, Ashley, and Julie

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