Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back to the grindstone

We have started our busy lives again. Matthew started teaching again last week and started his grad classes again last night-he will go to class Monday and Tuesday nights. I start teaching again tonight. We have a friend that will come to our house and watch Nora and Elyn on Tuesday nights. Hopefully Nora and Elyn won't change her mind about having children one day :).

Matthew is also going to be teaching for Harding this semester. He is teaching a statistics class 5 Saturdays this semester...busy much?

We have all been a little sick around here. No fever, but tons of congestion and snot...nice. Poor little Elyn, she is the worst. She cannot seem to shake this. Thankfully, it has not disrupted her sleeping schedule. She is consistently sleeping 7.5 hours a night-heaven!

I have pictures to post, but have a class to prepare for and a house to clean. Maybe tomorrow I'll get those pics posted.

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