Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Visit

Let’s revisit our Santa visits, shall we?

Nora’s first Christmas: 2006

santa 2006

Elyn’s first Christmas: 2007.  Elyn already had a deep hatred for Santa, even at 2.5 months old.  Nora is about to escape at any second.

santa 2007

2008.  Elyn is POSITIVE she hates Santa and Nora looks unsure about the entire thing.

santa 2008

2009. Elyn still hates Santa, even at Silver Dollar City.  Nora can’t believe the amount of noise that Elyn is making and is required to cover her ears.

santa 2009

So, even though our girls have a history of hating Santa, we had to keep up with tradition and drag them to his chair for a picture.  I had a talk with Elyn last night about how we were going to see Santa and give him the letter she wrote (which I forgot to get pictures of…ugh!).  You might remember that Elyn has already seen Santa once this year and it was a disaster.  I told her that she didn’t have to sit in Santa’s lap, she could just sit beside him and that would be fine.  But, she WAS going to get her picture taken.  She seemed okay with that and told Matthew several times that she was just going to sit beside him.

We got to the mall and, hallelujah, no line!  Nora was so excited and could hardly wait to give Santa her letter.  She walked right up to him and started telling him what she wanted.  Elyn held back and then had to be drug to him and was forced to give him her letter (we are nothing as parents, if not compassionate).  She started crying immediately.  Santa asked if I would like for him to get up and I could sit there with her for a picture…

Um, no, Santa.  We are here today for a picture with YOU, not one of mommy.  We can get that any old time.

I told Nora to hop up and she bounded up next to him and snuggled in.  I put Elyn next to him and turned to sprint away, thinking she would come running after me.

And a Christmas miracle occurred…she quit crying and sat next to him without jumping out of her skin!



Nora is so happy and I am so happy that Elyn is staying put!

Nora told us afterwards that Santa is her “best friend”-ha!

I don’t have high hopes for next years Santa picture.  We will have a 7 month old by that point and he/she might not like the big guy.

Like the sisters.


~aj~ said...

Nora looks SO grown up in this photo. And poor Elyn looks like she's barely holding it together. lol

I loved the look back at past years. It just wouldn't be the holidays if we weren't able to get a little laughter out of "traumatizing" our children. :)

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...


Marty Rhea Hill said...

Nora looks so old in the last Santa picture. Elyn is HILARIOUS!!!!

Shepard said...

I love this post. So funny! I haven't taken the boys to see Santa yet. Maybe we will try this year.

TeamBortzfield said...

good for you, I was all for another crying picture but her dad said absolutely not. I keep thinking when she's older she'll want to see one of Santa every year and I won't have one for 2 yrs old. I'll just blame Jimmy. CANT BELIEVE NEXT YEAR YOU'LL HAVE A 7 mo OLD!!

Amy said...

Luke still won't sit with the big man, but he's definitely warming up to the present bringing idea. Merry Christmas Hendersons!

Keisha said...

Don't you guys find out what you're having tomorrow? Where's the poll? I vote boy.

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