Friday, April 15, 2011

Showering Rives

Some friends at church had threw a shower for Rives this past Sunday afternoon. It was so thoughtful of my friends…I really didn’t expect any type of showering to be done for our third baby…what a blessing!

I took the girls with me to the shower because I knew they would love the “party”. IMG_0333IMG_0335 Sadly, right after we got to the church, Elyn took a tumble on the sidewalk and scraped up her knees pretty good and she was DONE for the rest of the afternoon.

Here is the table, cake and flowers…love his monogram!


Me and the hostesses…my shirt had side pockets in it. In hindsight, not the best look for a maternity shirt-oh well.


Look at all of my helpers-ha ha! They were RIGHT in front of me the entire time. Just as excited as I was.


Look at all the gifts…all the diapers are AWESOME!


And look at the sweet, wounded baby girl. She NEVER falls asleep when someone is holding her-NEVER. The trauma from the fall did her in!


We are getting closer to meeting our baby boy and excited about finding out all about him!


Holly Aytes said...

Looks like lots of nice goodies for Rives :) I remember getting lots of diapers the 2nd and 3rd was great! His cake was too cute! I love that blue/chocolate combo :)

Deborah said...

Of course you needed a shower for little Rives! I'm guessing you don't have whole lot of blue in your house!

What sweet friends, to take such good care of your family.

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