Thursday, April 11, 2013


One pretty afternoon, Elyn and Rives watching a house across the street get a new roof.  Exciting times!

All three, in bed, watching cartoons

We ate lunch with Nora one day, almost everyone liked it.

Same pretty day as above (too lazy to rearrange pictures), stacking dishes boxes

I had to be at church earlier than everyone else one Sunday.  I laid out what Rives was going to wear.  When everyone got to church I saw his daddy had decided to match him.  Sweet boys!

Hmmmm, I wonder who did that?

Matthew has been teaching a class, on SATURDAYS.  This particular Saturday was a doozy.  No one was happy.  Fighting sisters and a grouchy baby make for a tired mama.  Thankfully on Matthew's lunch break we had lunch at a park.  Very windy and kind of cold, but a break for me.  I laugh at this picture because it doesn't seem as if anyone is happy to be there-ha!

We went to our friends adoption of their son, Jay, this week.  He is now their third child and first boy.  Ryan and Jolene are precious and have hearts of gold!


What you can't see when you see this picture is me, shaking my head and sighing.  I HATE a starter.  So high maintenance.  But such yummy bread in the end!  Wicked love/hate (mostly hate) relationship.

What Rives does at soccer practices.  I have no idea if Nora or Elyn are even good this year.  This guy takes all my attention.

He will miss her so much next year.  So will I.

I made dinner this week.  And that dinner included chopping veggies.  A rarity on these busy "soccer practice three nights a week/work meetings/tutoring/get home at 5pm most nights" days.  Nora kept going on and on how much she loved the meal (corn chowder) and kept thanking me for dinner.  I should do this more often!

The preschool I am director for had spirit night at Chick Fil A.  He has spirit!

My little kitchen helpers.  Making some whipped cream.

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