Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Little fish

Nora and her friend, Ellie, have been taking swim lessons this week. Nora is doing a pretty good job and will swim for quite a distance on her own. This is a video that my friend, Danielle, took today. Hopefully we will get more video tomorrow, at the beginning of her lesson, when she is not as tired.

We are proud of Nora's swimming abilities...HOWEVER, we wish she would do a better job of obeying "Miss Sara". Nora is enjoying going underwater so much that as soon as the instructor turns her back, Nora is off-swimming under the water. Grrrr! She got a spanking today for disobeying. Hopefully tomorrow she will do a better job.


The Laird's said...

how cute, they are doing great, i love how ellie says "grab my hand nora!"

dood1ebugs said...

Very cute!

Whitney said...

Loved it! She is so cute- especially at the end where she jumps off the diving board & then swims to the side! She IS a little fish!

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