Friday, September 18, 2009

no longer caged

I love a baby crib. I love the way a crib looks and how it being in a room just screams "BABY".

But what I love the most about a baby crib is that it keeps your child trapped.

What? You think I'm a bad mom. Whatever, you love a crib for that very reason too.

Until tonight, I have been able to drop Elyn in her crib at 8pm and walk into her room at 8am and pick her up out of it.

Until tonight.
When I got home from my Ladies Night Out at church, this is what greeted me.

We have had the toddler bed in Elyn's room for a while now, letting her get used to the idea (or trying to get it out of the garage and clear up space). She has never really showed interest in it.

Until tonight.

Matthew said that tonight she wanted to sleep in it.

And he let her!

I am sad that my baby girl is growing up and that she no longer even needs a bed intended for a BABY.

But, truly, I am sadder that she is no longer confined and will be able to walk out of her room when she wakes up...whether it's at 2am, 4:30am, 6am or (please God) 8am.

It's a big night at our house and I hope a restful one too.


Marty Rhea Hill said...

I feel like you just posted this same post about Nora. They are growing up so fast.

winbe said...

Oh, it makes her seem so big. What happened to our babies? Look forward to hearing how your night went.

Kim said...


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