Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why is Matthew sad in this picture?
Because he is taking apart the crib.

For nearly four years we have had our crib set up. Nora slept in it until she was 20 months old and Elyn slept in it for nearly 24 months.
Now that Elyn has had a few solid nights/naps in her toddler bed, we know longer need the crib.
And I am a little sad.
I know that the crib will be used again one day (I pray that anyway). But I also know that it might be a year or more before that happens.
It's silly for us just to keep it in the room for sentimental purposes.
Sigh. I think I might need a weekend of spa services to rejuvenate myself when we take it down for good in a few years.
Watching them grow up is hard to do!


Holly Aytes said...

Taking the crib down was hard for me too! We sold our crib when Madison was done with it b/c if there is any more babies in our house I would like new nursery furniture.

Deborah said...

We went so long between Caleb and Daniel, that Pat had to go online and search for instructions for how to put the crib together again! FYI--if it will be a while before you set the crib up again make sure you remember how to do it!

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