Friday, September 25, 2009


Thank you all so much for your feedback on the "friend" issue with Nora. After typing it out I felt much better...funny how that works, huh.

I talked to her teachers yesterday about the problem. They promised to keep an eye on her but assured me that they had not noticed anything weird.

When I went to pick her up they told me that maybe the reason she couldn't remember any of the names of the kids she plays with is because she played with EVERYONE. My little social butterfly.


Matthew's birthday is in two weeks. I asked him what he wants. He wants "golf". Um, okay. And he wants to go to a Razorback game. I really want to deliver both of these. I can handle the golf. I need football tickets though. SOOOO, if you have some you would like to sell, let me know.

Speaking of football, Matthew and Nora are at a high school football game right now. We were all going to go but Elyn is sick. She has had a fever, low-grade, all day long so I didn't want to take her out. That, and I wasn't really looking forward to her whining all night long, hanging on to my leg. Bless her heart.

She turns two next week and I am a little sad about that. I can't believe that she is turning two. She was just born, right? I just met her.
Anyway, we are out of town next weekend, busy the one following that, so I wasn't going to throw her a birthday party. I thought, she's two, will she really notice? We'll have a little family shindig and that will be good.
Then, "MOTHER GUILT" reared her head guessed it...I am throwing a party. On her birthday. The two year old birthday party I am having for a BABY GIRL who is IMPOSSIBLY two.
At least now, when the girls are 15 and 16 1/2 and comparing baby books, they will both have pictures of their 2-yr-old birthday parties.
Sadly, only Nora will actually have writing in hers.

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Chandra said...

I was behind on my blog-reading, so I just got caught up on your MDO issue. H had the exact same things to say when he came home after his first weeks/months in preschool last year. I grilled him when he came home, and when I grilled the stories of how no one played with him and he was all alone got even worse and more dramatic. I kept thinking maybe something I said would make him remember the one social experience he had that day that would make me feel better. I was almost in tears thinking about him being so alone at school all day long, no friends. I thought maybe it was because I only sent him two half days and the other kids went all 5--that somehow it was my fault. I talked to his teacher about it (feeling exactly the same way you did) and she looked surprised and assured me that he played with lots of different kids and he was by no means a loner. So I guess that is something our precious babies do to torture us? I have no idea, but it was the exact same experience for me. It's definitely better this year in pre-K and he tells me who his best friends are...and they change every single day.

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