Wednesday, September 02, 2009

what...again? HOW did this happen?

oh my word...they are having #19.


That's a lot of kids. (and that's an understatement)

This family should be enough proof that breastfeeding is NOT an acceptable birth control.

Well, congrats I guess. I hope it's not twins.


Holly Aytes said...

I was so shocked to hear this as I remember her saying that they thought they were done. Their son Josh and Anna are due on Oct 18, their youngest will be 1 on december 18 and the new baby due march 18....kinda freaky to have a grandbaby older than your youngest!

Lane said...

I was completely shocked when I heard this today!! I thought she said she was done! So crazy!

Deborah said...

My sister is expecting her fourth baby (her second surprise pregnancy). She told our family that their "math" was off, and my dad said, "Is that what you think caused it?"

Amy said...

She's seems so shocked that she's pregnant. You would think by now she'd have figured out how it happens.

Kerri said...

HaHa I knew 3 weeks ago.. Are you really surprised? They said they would go up to 24...but most likely they are just trying to get to 20. Oh if you want me to tell youhow this happened call me...hehe

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